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Did a baby survive in Indonesian airplane crash

We all are quite aware of the tragic lion airplane crash that happened last week, killing all the 189 people on board. Now, since the day of the accident, we all have been going through different images and videos related to the plane crash. An image of a baby who is said to be the only survivor of Indonesian plane crash is also going viral and people are madly sharing this image. The image is being shared by thousands of people on social media sites claiming that the baby has been rescued from the Lion airplane that crashed whereas some people claim that the baby was floating in the sea as her mother tied her in the life jacket, the post also claimed that the baby’s mother is still missing. The image also showed the baby being carried out in the life jacket after being saved by the rescuers. The misleading image spread all around the world in just an hour after the plane crash happened . On the other side, one of these posts was shared more than 5,000 times in an hour after it was posted.
But many of us are curious about what actually happened. Did the baby survive the plane crash and is the only survivor of the terrible plane accident? The information verified by different agencies claimed that the image being shared is not from the Boeing-737 MAX crash, but it is the image from the deadly boat accident that happened in July 2018. The reports claimed that no survivor was reported from the deadly plane crash. Indonesian Disaster mitigation agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho also tweeted that the baby is the survivor from the boat that sank in the water off Indonesia’s Selayar Island on 3 July 2018. Sutopo further said that the image is a real image, but the information provided with the image is a hoax and people should stop spreading hoax. The fake information and misleading photo is an example of disinformation on Social Media in relation to disasters and other events that cause human misery. Besides the photo, there is also a photo purporting to show the wreckage of the plane and a video is revolving on Social Media that falsely claimed to be made from the mobile phone of the passenger which showed the passengers screaming and praising God before the crash. All of this is fake information and we should stop misleading the people by spreading news without confirming it.

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