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Drive-in cinema in Pakistan – opening in Islamabad this week

Coronavirus has influenced each and every country of the world including Pakistan. The world is in a state of war dealing with the ongoing pandemic. The two big waves of the covid-19 have also infected Pakistan. However, the country was able to control the first wave of the infection and now it is dealing with the second dangerous wave of the deadly coronavirus. Life has to go on and it is impossible to put the country back to lockdown. Undoubtedly, there are still some sectors that have not resumed yet after the lockdown. Cinemas are one among them. The cinemas in Pakistan were also closed for most of the year following the precautionary measures introduced by the government of Pakistan.

First drive-in cinema to open this week

However, during this critical situation, the government has announced a good news for all the cinema lovers in the country. Pakistan is about to open its first drive-in cinema in the upcoming week where all the cinema lovers can get themselves entertained.

People can visit the open-air cinema from December 18

The drive was initiated with the Telecom Titan Jazz, the Capital Development Authority CDA, and the active marketing agency. The final date to launch the drive-in cinema in Pakistan was finalized as of December 18, during the joint news conference held in Islamabad on 8th December. According to the announcement, the cinema will be set in the parade ground of Islamabad along the Islamabad Highway. However, it will open to the public on 18th December 2020. The success of this project would lead to the opening of four more drive-in cinemas in the major cities of Pakistan.

Day and timing for visiting the open-air cinema

The drive-in cinemas will operate three days of the week. Most probably during the weekend, that is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The timing of the show will be at 5:30 pm. Ticket booking and payment will be made online via e-payment services. The Jazz chief commercial officer Asif Aziz said that these drive-in cinemas are the only safest source of entertainment during the ongoing situation of the pandemic. This can provide entertainment to all the movie lovers who have been stuck at home.

JazzCash to offer 50% cashback on payment as a promotional deal:

To promote the drive-in cinema in the country, Jazz has also joined hands to offer a 50% cashback on buying tickets and food at the venue. The offer will be valid for a limited time. The implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will also be necessary at the event. The drive is a standard example of adjusting to a restrictive environment that is suitable in the current pandemic situation.

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