Wednesday, March 22

Electric train in Pakistan: Govt planning to Start it for Murree

Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) states the future plans for transportation in-country. It clearly shows intentions about future plans. A week ago, the MoU for the Assembly of the electric train in Pakistan was signed. Later on, they announced the initial news on social media platforms.

Fully Automatic Electric Train In Pakistan

The government announced groundbreaking news earlier this month that they are planning to launch a fully automated train. The proposal to launch the train route is from Islamabad airport to Murree.
electric trains in Pakistan from islamabad to Muree
On a social media reply to Radio Pakistan that talks about Electric buses in the country. Minister of IT Fawad Chaudhry points out that the next launching project is that of trains between two famous locations of Pakistan.
The next major project is the electric automatic train from Islamabad Airport to Murree. The study on the project has begun and a meeting has been held with the planning ministry in this regardFawad Chaudhry Tweet
In Addition, Fawad Chaudhry announces that 38 of the buses are in the completion phase. It will soon start rolling on road. Moreover, the electric buses are going to start from the roads of the Capital. MoST reminds people of Pakistan that the government of Pakistan is on clear track of Transport development. Also, two MoUs and two International Electric Bus manufacturers are allocated to get major investment in Pakistan Transportation. All these investments will play important role in “future tourism and traveling” in Pakistan.

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