Saturday, September 23

Imran Khan gives interview to group of senior journalists


More than 100 days have passed since Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has been in Government. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, briefed the journalists about his government’s performance of first 100 days. This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that a PM briefed media about his 100 days performance and took questions from renowned journalists.

Highlighting points from the interview

  • The PM assured that he has reports of 100 days performance of his ministers. He also has reports regarding performance of the federal cabinet. After reviewing reports, the government might make changes in the federal cabinet. The final decision will surface next week.
  • Government and army are working on missing persons. The army has assured that they will be able to resolve the matter soon.
  • The general public will be able to enjoy the effects of their economic policies that his government has been able to devise in first 100 days. The rupee shall get its strength back in the international market and that investment from abroad will soon spur into the economy.
  • The rupee got devalued against dollar only because the State Bank of Pakistan is making certain adjustments. The phase is temporary and nation will soon get a relief.
  • Talking about the strategies being implemented by his government, the PM said that they tend to look forward towards the China’s economic model. The Chinese economy has been able to build itself strong by creating export zones.
  • He was also asked about his trending ‘chicken and egg economy’. On this he gave a neutral reply that the intense poverty was felt by the people of rural areas and it is time we empower them.
  • On a question regarding possibility of earlier elections, the PM said while laughing that there is nothing that can be ruled out.
  • Imran Khan assured that none of his ministers will be allowed to misuse power and that if anyone would, he shall step down from his post. Talking about Azam Swati, he said that if Azam Swati will be found guilty, he will be forced to leave his post. He, however, showed grief over the Chief justice remarks of hiring Zulfi Bukhari on nepotism basis.
  • PM boosted that his government is enjoying steady support from the army.
  • He remarked that his government is on a mission to abolish corruption from bureaucracy. His government has been able to fetch bank account details of Pakistanis holding foreign accounts.


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