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Open letter to Facebook CEO From PM Imran Khan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran khan sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook about Islamophobia. This is because tension occurs across the Muslim world as President Macron has made remarks that have hurt the Islamic Community. Many countries across the world put a ban on French products. Many leaders gave different responses to this matter. Read more: Imran Khan – A hero in Indo-Pak situation

Tweets of Prime Minister Imran Khan

According to Macron, the President of France, the religion Islam is in crisis across the world. Imran khan, Prime minister of Pakistan tweets for calling out French president on Twitter. On October 25, 2020 his series of tweets are present below; Read more: Face Masks and COVID-19 – The Right Face Mask for you

Goals of a leader

The goal of a leader is to unite, humans. Just as Nelson Mandela did, instead of separating them. This is an important time when the whole world is dealing with extremism. There’s a need to heal instead of further spreading hate. This situation further leads to the feeling of rebellion. Our world needs peace and unity between different nations of the world. Hate and violence are bad for any nation.

Another Tweet on Islamophobia

In an another tweet he is feeling sad. By saying that unluckily, President Macron has chosen to spread extremism. He chose to attack Islam instead of terrorists. All that violence is spread by terrorists not by the religion Islam. French president has hurt Muslims emotions and his own people as well. And in his last tweet he advises all the political leaders that our world needs peace. Also the feeling of brotherhood. Such comments in speech for public cause are spreading hate towards specific religion.

An open letter to Facebook CEO

Other than tweets, Prime Minister Imran Khan sent a letter to Facebook CEO. He wants to highlight this issue. The points that are discussed in the letter are given below. I’m writing this open letter for your attention on the growing issue of Islamophobia. It causes the spread of hate. It spreads especially with the help of social apps of which Facebook is most important. I will be very thankful if you ban posting material about holocaust. As it spreads violence. I am observing the same against different communities of Muslims around the world. Sadly, in some countries, The right of citizenship is also denied for Muslims. CAA or NRC have targeted Muslims for the spread of COVID-19 shows Islamophobia. All these are anti-Muslim’s steps.

Islamophobia In France

People of France consider Islam a religion of violence. They are attacking Islam by making cartoons of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). We are headed towards marginalization really fast. Which is something our world doesn’t want. Just as vilification of community of Muslims on social platforms. I want you to put a ban on Islamophobia and hate content against Muslims. The world doesn’t need pogrom against Muslims, that occurs in India. For instance the illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir. This itself is a reflection of bias world which further provoke terrorism. We all need to understand the importance of peace.

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