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“Increase in the pays of Provincial Assembly Lawmakers is necessary”, CM Buzdar to PM

On Monday, the Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar held a meeting with Imran Khan at the PM house. The meeting was specially called by the Prime Minister Imran Khan and the issue of increased in salaries of MPA’s was raised by him.
However, Buzdar came up with a stance that even though he has taken back the provincial bill that proposed the increase in salaries and granted lifelong perks to the Punjab Assembly lawmakers, yet he believes that increase in salaries of the lawmakers of Punjab Assembly is necessary. Even though Buzdar kept to his stance that the increase in the MPA’s salaries in the need of hour, his stance has not been welcomed by the PM who clearly said: “Salaries should be increased while keeping in mind the austerity drive of the government!”
Buzdar has assured that things will go on according to Imran Khan’s vision and thereby the bill has been retrieved.

What is all the matter?

The Punjab Public Representatives’ Laws (Amendment) Bill 2019 was presented and passed in the Punjab Assembly on last Tuesday. The bill was passed within no time by the assembly with the approval of the government representatives and opposition. The bill proposed increase in the salaries of MPA’s and granting them perks that were lifelong in nature! It was instantly met with Imran khan’s disappointment. He took the matter to twitter and told that such an increase would only be acceptable if Pakistan was a developed nation.

Is there any need of increase in salaries of MPA’s?

This question shall only be answered after viewing the Current salaries of the members of Punjab Assembly and the proposed salaries according to the private bill. Here is a look at it:
Post Current Salary Proposed Salary
Minister 80,000 275,000
Chief Minister 84,000 425,000
Speaker 59,000 260,000
Deputy Speaker 55,000 245,000
MPAs 85,000 195,000
The increase in salaries is indeed disturbing! How can these people justify the increase in their salaries when they themselves have proposed a minimum wage rate of 15,000 and where a handful of population is being driven to live below poverty line?

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