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India planned a missile attack with help of Israel on Pakistan

The Indo-Pak tensions have alarmed the whole world as both nations are nuclear-armed. If a war between the two nation initiates and end up in a nuclear one: the world will suffer. The world shall face the aftermaths of the war. Pakistan has been praised over its sensible acts over the tensions as the Pakistani Prime Minister has made a peace gesture of returning the captive Indian Wing commander back home. Imran Khan has been praised over his noble acts and people are already signing a petition for his noble peace prize award.

India Not Willing to be Quite – India wants War

However, what is more than disturbing is that India is not willing to cooperate at all. It has not given regard to Pakistan’s peace gesture of returning the Indian captive pilot. The very next day, the Indian Army violated the Line of Control rules and shot down two Pakistani soldiers. The Indian shelling took the life of two soldiers and two civilians. This wasn’t all, India has been planning dangerous attacks over Pakistan. Fortunately, Pakistani intelligence gave timely feedback and India had to retrieve the attacks.

India planned a Missile attack on 7 locations in Pakistan

According to the reliable Government sources of Pakistan, the Indian Army had planned a Missile attack on 6-7 different locations of Pakistan. Their main targets were cities like Karachi and Rajasthan Airbase. However, it was due to timely intelligence reporting that Pakistan was able to know about the attack and thereby called upon India that if they launched a missile into Pakistani territory, then they shall face the aftermaths themselves.

Pakistan Also Warned India

India was warned that Pakistan would also attack and that attack would have an intensity thrice of the Indian attack. India might have postponed the attack, yet the news is that it stills plans to attack Karachi and Bahawalpur. Is India planning to attack Karachi because PSL-4 is being planned there? This is how India wants to isolate Pakistan? Indeed such questions have been raised and experts view that PSL-4 is the reason Karachi is being targeted. Read Related Posts About PSL-4 matches planned to be held in Karachi. Pakistan has now taken some countries in confidence and shared the Indian planning with them. It has also been revealed by the Government officials that India had planned a dangerous attack last week on Pakistan with the help of Israel.


The two countries had planned a full-fledged attack on Rajasthan Airbase. Yet the Intelligence reporting helped Pakistan crackdown the attack. The Indian officials were given the message that the complete details of the attack are with Pakistan and thereby they are ready to retaliate in case of an attack.

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