Monday, September 25

“Stand as a wall”, urges Indian PM as Indo-Pak Tension Get Worse

As his first statement in the Indo-Pak crisis, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the people of India to “stand as a wall”. He did not mention the name of the enemy against which the nation is to stand united, yet it was obvious that he was talking about Pakistan. The two-nuclear armed forces have been in severe tensions for the last two weeks. While the Pakistani PM Imran Khan has emerged as an influential personality due to his wise comments, all eyes were on Modi’s statements so that the comparison among the leaders of two nation could be done. While he was addressing the party workers, he told the people of India to stand like a wall, as a rock as the enemy is keen to destabilize the Indian economy. He also added that:
“The entire country is one today and standing with our soldiers. The world is looking at our collective will and we have faith in our forces´ capacity.
“India will live as one. India will work as one. India will grow as one. India will fight as one. India will win as one.
People were anxiously waiting for his statements as India is expecting elections soon. However, the world still regards Pakistani PM as more intelligent and wise. It is being seen that Modi might lose the upcoming elections as he has not been able to tackle the situation wisely.

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