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Information Minister of Pakistan explains performance of state institutions

Shibli Faraz is the contemporaneous information minister of Pakistan. In his neoteric public address, he focused mainly on developmentation and up-gradation of public sector institutions, including the power sector.

The press conference held by Information Minister of Pakistan

Shibli Faraz and minister of industries Hamad Azhar addressed a joint press conference in Islamabad, on Aug 2020. Shibli Faraz brought forward the idea of improving the power sector of the country along with the public institutions. The allegations of PMLN on the contemporary government of Pakistan were clarified by the conference. The allegations were intuitively to respond. The information minister said, that the vulnerable situation faced by people is all due to the former government. Who were not responsible enough to manage the countries affairs constructively and efficiently. Shibli Faraz further explains that the efficiency of the public institutions can be attained by signing new agreements. Those agreements can have independent producers working in the country. Since former agreements now cost an arm and leg.

Rejoinder by the Information Minister of Pakistan

Shibli Faraz was quite emphatic to mention that the former agreements are not efficient and effective. Also, they are a huge burden for the people and the public had enough of costly power supply. He said, that the cost of power production can be reduced. Also, quality is attainable once the independent and indigenous producers provide to have a chance. Innovative ideas regarding renewable energy manufacture were discussed by the information minister of Pakistan. He believes that can cut a significant amount of cost in which energy is produced.

Prevailing circumstances presented by the Shibli Faraz

The information minister in favor of the current government explained that the corona pandemic did not affect Pakistan’s economy in a way other developing economies are affected. The intensity of the pandemic was quite considerate when it comes to the after-effects. many other economies are left paralyzed after this global pandemic, Pakistan auspiciously survived the corona wave. Minister of industries Hamad Azhar further explained that the spontaneous decision making of government saved the economy and now the foreign exchange reserves are stable and the current account of Pakistan is a deficit with three billion rupees. The ministers of Pakistan portrayed a rosy picture of Pakistan’s economy and assured the bright future of the country.


During a joint press conference information minister Shibli Faraz and minister of industries, Hamad Azhar clarified the allegations by PMLN that “Tabdeeli-sarkar” has ruined the economy and resources of the nation, Which was responded intuitively by the information minister of Pakistan. They also presented solutions and rejoinders for the effective and efficient management and up-gradation of public sector institutions and the power sector by giving a chance to emerging independent power producers.

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