Monday, September 25

Indian Police release the posters of two Innocent Pakistani students dubbing them terrorists


This is a news related to the enmity between India and Pakistan. As we all know that India and Pakistan have always stood against each other and do not have any positive relations. This is a recent incident when two Pakistani Students posted their duo picture on social media leaning on a milestone that reads Delhi 360 kilometers and Firozpur 9 kilometers. On seeing the picture anyone can say that it is a simple picture and does not have any element of threat or warning but it has created a threat for India.

Indian has gone too far to prove their rivalry by claiming the two innocent students as terrorists and involved in terrorist activities. This is indeed gruesome; to falsely accuse someone innocent as a terrorist without knowing the truth.

The police in the capital of India has released the picture of the two Students claiming them as a threat to Indian Territory. Besides this, the local News media also played a vital role in proving the two as terrorists. Such words were used by Indian local media, “the capital is under the eye of terrorists, the terrorist has entered the Capital, and 2 terrorists have entered Delhi. The terrorists are from Pakistan. Delhi can be attacked by the two terrorists at any time.”

Delhi police also claimed that they got the information that the two terrorists have entered the capital city. Therefore they have posted the posters of the two everywhere in the Pahar Ganj area. The police have asked their people to keep a lookout for them.

The police have also claimed that they are scanning, guest houses, hotels, and paying guest accommodations where foreign students usually stay, to search the two terrorists.

The Truth

However, the truth is totally the opposite. As soon as the news went viral the two students were shocked to hear such undesirable news about them. The two are the students of a Madrassa in Faisalabad, Pakistan. They claimed that the picture was shot during their trip to Lahore to attend Raiwind Ijtima on November 11. The students also said that the picture was posted on social media by one of us. They said they had no intentions to enter Indian Territory or to attack India.

They denied Indian claims saying they are present in Pakistan and have never visited India.

However, Indian Police were offering their duty to save their people but on the other side, it is not wrong to say that they can cross any extent to show their rivalry with Pakistan.

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