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Is SEO important?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process that ranks the websites or webpages on search Engines. The better the SEO the better your website will be ranked in search engines like Google and Bing. It is a set of techniques that improve your website increasing its visibility to more people when they search using the relevant keyword or product that you are offering. Most people ask, Is SEO important or not? The answer is simply yes.

Search Engine Optimization is necessary because the better visibility of your website’s pages will garner more attraction and visitors. If your website is not optimized according to the SEO techniques then the traffic can’t reach your website.

Most people who are new in the field often wonder if Search Engine Optimization is important for every website or it is only necessary for business websites. The answer is it is necessary for each and every website. You have to rank each keyword for the audience to reach it.

Working system of SEO:

What is Search Engine Optimization, how it works? After studying SEO, people tend to look for its working system to understand the meaning of why it is necessary. Here is a brief answer to this question.

Search Engines crawl from site to site collecting information. Later all the data collected is put in an index. Next, the Search Engine algorithm analyzes the pages in the index studying its hundreds of ranking factors. On the top of the list lies the page with better SEO. When a user types any keyword, the bot of the search engines tries to show the exact things to the users, what they are searching for. The pages with poor SEO lie somewhere on the last pages of search results. This is a brief explanation about the importance of Search Engine Optimization

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