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James Gargasoulas: the man behind the Bourke street attack in Melbourne


James Gargasoulas, an Australian man accepted his crime of murdering 6 innocent people and recklessly injuring 27 other in a vehicle attack in Melbourne in January last year. He deliberately and with full conscious drove a stolen car into pedestrians along Bourke Street in the city center.

Since the time he always pleaded not guilty to the attack but this Tuesday, he admitted his crime and admitted that he drove the car on the pedestrians. A Jury sentenced Gargasoulas after deliberating for less than an hour. The Jury also showed the footage of Gargasoulas attacking with the car in the shopping area. One more footage showed him driving erratically as dozens of passersby watched on. It was also said that he had exceeded the speed of 60km/h during his rampage and did not apply the brake to his car even when the pram became lodged in his windscreen.

it was reported that the word guilty was read out 33 times in the court of Victoria and made the relatives of the victims emotional.

Police claimed that that 32 years old James Gargasoulas had the history of drugs use. Just a month before the attack he had taken the drug “ice” also known as crystal methamphetamine. After the investigation, it was also said that Gargasoulas was also suffering from health issues.  During one of his trials, Gargasoulas also testified himself saying that just half an hour before the accident he had received a premonition from God directing him to drive into the pedestrians. When he was asked whether he knew this can kill people he answered in a sense, yes. He also said he was given the permission to drive into the pedestrians in order to escape the police but on the other side, he was not allowed to kill anyone. Due to his mental issues, he was known to the authorities for a minor offense.

After committing his crime. Gargasoulas was also reported saying, “I apologize from my heart but that is not going to fix anything neither a lengthy sentence can fix for what I have done”.

Genna Angelowitsch, a lawyer who represented the families of five victims said James Callous action on the day of attack traumatized the lives of the families and friends whose loved ones were stolen. She said that today the families of the victims are grateful to all those whose hard work secured today’s result and for the ongoing support, they have received during this hard time.

Prosecution Kerri Judd QC said that it is the clearest case of criminal liability. However the defense lawyer Theo Alexander did not challenge the prosecution’s case in his closing address.

The court will sentence James Gargasoulas early next year.

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