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Mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, Newzealand | Bangladesh Team escape

Friday, a blessed and religious day for the Muslims was met with sorrow, blood and tears as several were killed in a mosque by mass shooting. There is still no exact number as to how many people have been killed. Two Christchurch mosques were made target. According to witnesses, the gunman entered through the main door and started firing openly at the people. Masjid Al Noor mosque was filled with hundreds of people. The gunman entered and opened fire, many have died while several are injured. People started running and hiding to escape the firing causing panic all around. News is that another mosque has also been targeted. The attack was not only directed at the Muslims, but also at the migrants.

Christchurch in lockdown

Christchurch is currently in lockdown as schools and offices have also been closed. Police has been sent to all the mosques as a precautionary measure. Apart from Masjid Al Noor, Linwood mosque in Christchurch has been targeted.

The attacker

The attacker started a live stream on Facebook and entered the mosque. He started firing and filmed the incident killing several people. One of the attacker has been identified as Australian. Facebook is taking down the live stream to stop the violence.
Four suspects have been arrested and a shooter is still said to be on the loose. All hospitals are in lockdown, treating the injured and almost 40 people are said to be killed in the incident.

Bangladesh Cricket Team was present at the scene

Bangladesh Cricket Team is currently on tour to New Zealand and this horrific attack has led them to call off their tour. The teams had already played 3 ODIs and 2 Test Matches. The third test match was scheduled to be played on Saturday, 16th March.
Friday is an important religious day for Muslims on which they visit the mosque to pray. The team reached the mosque and saw people running out of the mosque wounded and panicked. They did not get off the bus and after waiting for several minutes, the team saw the opportunity to escape and ran off through the park to the nearby oval. The Cricket Team is said to be in a state of distress and have called off the remaining tour of NewZealand. They will be returning back to their country as soon as things cool down. Currently the team is in lockdown.

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