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Negligence of doctor ruins young girl’s life


Yasmin Suleman, a 17-year-old girl and the resident of Quetta, Pakistan, went to Bolan Medical complex, a local government hospital. The girl was in need to get herself operated for her appendix. The doctors operated her appendix but unfortunately, her urine tact got chopped by the doctors. This was not enough. The doctor not only chopped her urine tact but also left a needle in her system, which they called it a mistake. Her X-rays reports clearly showed a needle inside her.

Miserably, this might be a mistake for the doctors but it is shameful to say that this big mistake and incompetency ruined the life of the young girl. She is just 17 now and from now she will have to spend her entire life depending on a urine bag. It is indeed very much saddening and distressing news to hear. Can anyone ever think to spend their entire life on a urine bag?  The answer is surely no, but Yasmin will have to bear this pain.

Yasmin’s father wanted the government to take action against the doctors who treated her at BMC. The needle was left in her system for a long period. The father further said they are financially not very well and cannot treat his daughter further.

Yasmin too shared her sad story in an interview with the local news channel. She also said it is not easy to be fully dependent on a urine bag. She feels severe pain while injecting her a urine bag.

We must appeal the government to take serious action against the doctors who treated her. Serious action is required to save the life of other patients.

This is the only reason the people from third world countries prefer to move abroad for their treatment. However, the lower class still have to get themselves treated from Government hospitals.  Though the government of Pakistan has stood very active to provide proper services to its people, still, such doctors and other officials are trying to defame their country in front of the world.

Such activities should be checked and I should say that this is the very time to raise our voice against such corruption in every field. We should appeal the government to check the license and medical degrees of all the doctors in order to prevent our brothers and sisters from becoming a victim like Yasmin.

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