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New Zealand fisherman saves 18 months old baby from the ocean


This news sounds to be very shocking as well as thought-provoking. An 18-month-old baby was found floating in the vast sea. It is a shock for everyone. However, the baby was miraculously saved by the fisherman but there is no doubt to say that it could have been turned into a very tragic incident.

Gus Hutt a holiday camper who was staying on Matata Beach on North Island was fishing there when he saw a small floating figure in the water. At first sight, it seemed to him like a doll but after he let it out, he was astounded to know that it was an alive baby.

Mr. Gus Hutt said, “I thought it was a doll, I reached there and grabbed him by the arm and still thought it was a little doll. His face just looked like a porcelain with his short and wet hair, but suddenly he let a little squeak and that time I was shocked to see it was a baby and alive at that time.

Mr. Hutt said the boy was lucky that I saw him. He was floating at a steady pace and if I had been a minute later I wouldn’t have seen him.

Mr. Hutt said it was the baby’s luck that brought me there. Mr. Hutt usually goes out to fish on the nearby spots but on that day he decided to go on a different spot and met with the boy. Thus the people call it a miracle.

Rebecca Salter, the co-owner of Murphy’s holiday camp said there was just one couple staying in the camp with their baby, who had been very excited to be on the beach. He escaped from his parent’s tent undoing the zipper and ended up in the ocean while they were asleep.

She said our regular fisherman Hutt spotted the baby, wrapped him in the towel and brought him to us. Then we informed the baby’s parents. The baby’s mother screamed when she came to know that her baby was found in the water. The couple thanked Mr. Hutt before leaving the camp.

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