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Satellite images reveal that Jaish-e-Muhammad buildings are still there irrespective of Indian attack and claims

On 26th of February, the Indian Air force violated the Line Of control acts and stepped into the Pakistani territory with the intention of killing the terrorist’s groups residing in Balakot. The group is named as Jaish-e-Muhammad which is a religious group. The group claimed that it had taken part in the Pulwama attack which killed 40 of the CRFP personals.

Indians claim to have killed 250 JeM members

The Indian Air Force and the Government claimed that they have destroyed the JeM bases and have killed at least 250 people. As India was not able to provide any evidence, there were lots of questions raised.
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Pakistan claimed that only trees and a crow were killed in the attack

The media war was high and the tension between the two countries got worse. The Pakistani army claimed that none of the causality took place and it was not an attack but a payload.

DG-ISPR took to social media claiming

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Domestic and International media was invited to visit the so-called attack area

“There has been no damage to any infrastructure or human life as a result of Indian incursion,” Major-General Asif Ghafoor said. “This has been vindicated by both domestic and international media after visiting the site.”

Latest Satellite images support Pakistan’s stance

Satellite images reveal that the schools (or the Madaras) that were being run by the JeM there are still there. The satellite pictures were taken 6 days after the attack which shows that 6 of the buildings of JeM are still standing high!
india pakistan war, Satellite images of Jaish-e-Muhammad buildings
Planet Labs Inc, a San Francisco-based private satellite operator, took the satellite images. Due to its low resolution, the pictures have not been handed down to the media. The details revealed tell that the area has remained unchanged since April 2018. satellite photo of the facility. The satellite images disagree with the claims of an attack as none of the roofs are damaged, there are no signs of scorching or blown-out walls. Even the trees aren’t displaced.

Did India lie about the attack?         

The Government of India had made clear cut statements that they had hit all their targets in the Balakot region of Pakistan. The Indian media had been praising its Army and government. However, the satellite images just show that Modi’s government has made false claims. Also, it has been revealed that India’s foreign and defense ministries did not reply to questions emailed by Reuters news agency about the satellite images.

Did India miss the target and not reveal it?

The director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Project at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Jeffrey Lewis, has just confirmed that the satellite pictures show that all the structures in Balakot are intact. He added that even the high-resolution images do not support any bomb damage there. Dave Schmerler, who is a senior research associate at the James Martin Center for nonproliferation studies said that if any heavy weapons were used in the attack, the images would have revealed it.

Jeffrey Lewis’s remarks

“If the strike had been successful – given the information we have about what kind of munitions were used – I would expect to see signs that the buildings had been damaged,” said Lewis. “I just don’t see that here.”
india pakistan war, Satellite images of Jaish-e-Muhammad buildings

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