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Saudi Arabian Airline Plane forced to return back to the airport after a mother refuses to continue with her flight

A very peculiar incident was reported last week when a plane was forced to turn back soon after it took off from the airport not because of any technical issue or any emergency medication but the reason behind that emergency landing was a unique one, a mother forgot her child at the airport. She forced the pilot to return back to the airport soon after the take-off. This incident remind us of ‘Home Alone’ where a mother take everything with her but forgets to take her child. Kuala Lumpur bound flight that took off from Jeddah airport was forced to return back because a mother forgot to take her baby with her from the airport. This incident was first reported in Gulf New. Soon after the Kuala Lumpur flight took off, a Saudi mother realized that her baby is not with her, she left him at the boarding area of King Abdul Aziz Airport. She refused to continue with the flight and informed the cabin crew to return back. This was a new thing for everyone including the crew. The planes are only allowed to return back only in case of any emergency but this case was quite different.

Conversation between the pilot and ATC Operator:

The flight requested the air traffic controller to return back as a mother forgot her baby at the waiting area of the airport. A video that showed the conversation of the pilot and ATC operators went viral all across Middle East. “May God be with us, can we come back? A passenger forgot her baby in the waiting areas A poor thing,” These were the words of the Pilot. To which the ATC operator got surprise and asked the pilot to reconfirm the reason for returning back. The pilot replied again that a passenger forgot her baby at the airport terminal and refuses to continue the flight. The Air Traffic Controller replied, “Okay head back to the gate. This is totally a new one for us.”

Not the first incident in the history:

The pilot returned back to the airport and the mother was reunited with her child. This is totally a new thing for us. We can forget our luggage, keys, tickets, passport or anything else in haste but a mother forgetting her own kid is totally a new and a weird thing. This is not the first incident where a mother forgot to take her child, Similar incident happened last year too. A family forgot their 3 years kid at Dubai airport and left for their home. At that time the authorities investigated about the child and came to know about the identity of child’s family. They called the father to take his child.

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