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Saudi Crown Prince ordered to kill Khashoggi- CIA


The Central Intelligence Agency-the CIA had been investigating about the 2018’s most mysterious death. Jamal Khashoggi, a prominent Saudi Journalist happened to have been killed inside the Saudi Consulate of Istanbul. His dead body has not been found yet it is confirmed that the journalist was killed.

Now, the CIA reported that Khashoggi was murdered on the orders of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. The Saudi government has declined all such charges. The Washington Post report stated that King Salman had passed orders of assassinating the journalist.

Where US officials have shown their confidence in CIA, the world knows that the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia might as well be at stake. Saudi Arabia and the US have been close allies since years now. Trump’s government had also made an effort to preserve the relationship between the two countries.

While the officials, the state department and CIA have not given any statements regarding the matter, the US Vice President Mike Pence told that:

“The murder of Jamal Khashoggi was an atrocity. It was also an affront to a free and independent press and the United States is determined to hold all of those accountable who are responsible for that murder” and “We are going to follow the facts,” while “we aim at preserving strong and historic partnership with Saudi Arabia”.

Why did CIA name the Crown Prince?

Khashoggi, who had been a critic of the Saudi government and had been blunt in his remarks always faced a pressure of coming back home (Riyadh). However, he never agreed to it.

The newspaper confirms that CIA has tracked down the phone records of Khashoggi. They found that Khalid bin Salman, who is the brother of the crown prince, made a call to Khashoggi. Khalid gave assurance to Khashoggi that it would be safe for him to visit the consulate in Istanbul. He also told that his documents will be provided to him there.

However, it is not confirmed that Khalid knew that Khashoggi would be murdered there or not, yet he made the call on his brother’s wish. In his tweet, Khalid went against the confirmed phone call and said that he last talked to Khashoggi on 26th October 2017.

His tweet read:

“I never talked to him by phone and certainly never suggested him go to Turkey for any reason. I ask the US government to release any information regarding this claim.”

What is Saudi Arabia’s response?

Since the death of the journalist, Saudi Arabia has made contradictory remarks. It initially said that it wasn’t involved in the murder, but when Turkey came up with claims, it accepted that the officials were involved in the murder but gave forth a contradictory explanation.

An adviser to Turkish President remarked that Saudi Arabia is trying to cover up the murder.

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