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Search Engine Optimization in WordPress


SEO is Search Engine Optimization and WordPress is a Content management system and a free website creation platform. What does SEO mean in WordPress? This is what we are going to talk about. SEO helps your site to rank in search engines more accurately.

WordPress is different from other blogging websites. Several blogs, web companies and web shops are run on word[press. Its users its simplicity and effectiveness. It gives you full control of your website, like how it display its content, how it looks like and its working system too. It is quite friendly and easy.

Where WordPress is a master for creation of free blogging website that are under your control, it has also ease Search Engine Optimization for its users. SEO in WordPress is simply easy and anyone can easily do it by following the instruction.

 What does Search Engine Optimization mean in WordPress?

Here are few tips to make you understand what is SEO in WordPress. WordPress dashboard and plugins help its users to do SEO better on WordPress. It is easy and simpler as it brings you with the best SEO practice to run your online business. WordPress has a large number of SEO plugins that are mostly free.

It make it easy for its users to use traditional SEO technology that is not any different to conventional search engine. Its process help its users to follow the technique and do the SEO. It provides On-page SEO which is quite simple. It provides guidelines that can be easily followed and corrected according to the 0n-page SEO requirements.

Whereas its Off-page SEO is just the same in WordPress as it is done in other site builders. Most of the users think that WordPress is search engine optimized. Although it is not like that. It is SEO friendly but you still have to do some manual SEO for better ranking of your website.

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