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Imran Khan – A hero in Indo-Pak situation – Sign the petition here for Nobel Prize to IK

The recent Indo-Pak tensions have taken the world by storm. As the two nuclear states were heading towards war, the rest of the world was alarmed by the situation.

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However, in all this tussle and tension, Prime Minister Pakistan has emerged as an influential person. His policies during these tensions have been great. He has remained firm to the agenda of peace and has tackled the situation very wisely.

How Imran Khan Deal with War situation?

His speeches were remarkable: he knew what to say and he knew how to deal with the situation. He took the nation in confidence and told the world that even though Pakistan is capable of successfully holding a war, yet they want peace as it is what humanity calls for.
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He had called India for negotiation and to talk on tables over the long-lasting conflicts. He has even called upon Indian PM, Modi, yet was disappointed as none of his calls were answered. As a peace gesture, he even released the Indian captive pilot, Abhinandan, who was caught by the Pakistani Army after crashing his plane in Pakistani territory.

Celebrities hails Imran Khan Peace Gesture

People were impressed by his talks and his sensibility. He took action, made Pakistan proud, called the world and put forth the facts and still remained humble. In all these tensions and war-agenda, he wants to endure peace. The war he wants to fight is against poverty and illiteracy. This made the world recall the statements of a British Analysts Adam Garrie. Adam Garrie is a geopolitical expert and the Director of Eurasia Future Think Tank. Getting impressed by the foreign policies of Imran Khan, last month Garrie commented:
“Well, when Imran Khan first came to power and formed his government just a few months ago, I went out on a limb but very confidently saying that he would be the best political ruler that Pakistan has had since the late and great Muhammad Ali Jinnah.”
This made Imran Khan rise as an influential leader and people across the Globe could not resist praising him. People started to sign a petition for awarding him a Nobel Peace Prize Award. The twitter trend was #NobelPeacePrizeAwardforImranKhan. While another Twitter trend was #GoBackModi. Here is the link to the petition which people are signing for Imran Khan:
Sign Petition for Nobel Peace Prize Award to Imran Khan

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