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Successful operation of conjoined twins in Australia


The Bhutanese conjoined twins Nima and Dawa Pelden were born fifteen months ago and were joined at the Torso and shared a liver. Since the time they were born, they had grown facing each other. The two girls could not sit down together, they could only stand at the same time.

As we all know that Bhutan is one of the poorest nations. Living in their own country, the girls could hardly get any proper treatment and surgery. Hence the mother of the girls Bhumchu Zangmo brought them to Melbourne Australia through an Australian based Charity, Children First Foundation.

The charity officials said the girls were breathing on their own. At first, the doctors felt scared because such surgeries are not less than any challenge for the doctors. The girls were brought to the hospital last month but the doctors delayed the surgery until this Friday in order to improve their nutrition need.

One of the charity officials, Elizabeth Lodge said the mother of the girls felt scared but hopefully she managed to show calmness during the whole procedure.

However, the 6-hour surgery started and the doctors stood successfull to separate the two girls at Melbourne’s Royal Children Hospital. 18 specialist collectively took part in two teams, one for each girl. Doctors successfully divided the two livers and also found that the girls have a separate bowel.

Lead surgeon Dr. Joe Crameri told that the girls have coped very well during the 6-hour surgery. The girls are kept under observation for the next 48 hours. The doctor further said it was a joy for me to tell their mother about the successful operation.

The state of Victoria has offered to pay the cost of the operation which is A$350,000. The family is expected to return their country after the girls have recovered.

This is not the first time the medical team and the hospital staff were able to perform a successful operation. A similar operation was performed in 2009 when Bangladeshi conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna, who were joined at the head were separated after 32 hours long successful surgery.

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