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Sustainable development Goals in Pakistan – Achievement Before Deadline

Pakistan is one of the developing countries of the world. Just like every other country, Pakistan largely contributes to the total amount of carbon released in the air. That is why Pakistan used to be the 7th most exposed to the effects of global change in 2018. But the tables have turned now. Now Pakistan is not even in the top 10 most exposed countries to the harmful effects of global change.

Importance of Sustainable Development

The members of the UN on 25th September 2015 adopted a strategy called SDGs. Seventeen countries are a part of this strategy they are working to remove poverty, inequality, injustice, and to control climate change by 2030. Sustainable development goals also known as global goals, work to improve global conditions. 3rd world countries like Pakistan join with SDG to become upper-middle-class countries. Pakistan wants to improve current situations so, SDGs became a national development strategy for Pakistan in 2016. Our country firmly sticks to the 2030 agenda for sustainable development goals in Pakistan. As a result, we see in July 2020, Pakistan achieved a milestone. Our country completed sustainable development goals in Pakistan a decade before the deadline.
Sustainablity development goal in Pakistan

Process of achievement of sustainable development goals in Pakistan

Our prime minister Imran Khan started a 10 billion tsunami trees program firstly, In KPK and then expanded it at the national level. An ecosystem restoration fund is collected and invested. Furthermore, focusing on the national development strategy of Pakistan completed land degradation noninterference. Pakistan lies on the 124th number in the clean green index. Pakistan is not in the top 10 most exposed countries to the harmful effects of global change. We have nationally contributed to these struggles to reach sustainable development goals in Pakistan.

How sustainable development goals in Pakistan are beneficial in future

It’s observed that through national efforts the risk of climate change can be minimized. Pakistan is now out of the danger zone. The way Pakistan has completed the task way before the deadline is remarkable. Pakistan has completed several projects a decade before 2030 for the sake of environment. The current pandemic will decrease by 6% of the greenhouse effect overall in the world. But the fulfillment of sustainable development goals in Pakistan before the deadline will result in a lesser percentage than foreseen.


In 2018 Pakistan used to be the seventh most exposed to the climate change country in the world. The prime minister took important steps to decrease the risk and finally, in July 2020, hard work paid off. The government of Pakistan since 2018 completed Different environmental saving programs. These programs include afforestation, land degradation and ecosystem recovery fund etc. Recently this year Pakistan, crossed an important milestone.  SDGs are completed way before the deadline. as a result, many harmful effects are reduced. And soon Pakistan will start working on major economic problems like poverty, inequality, and injustice.

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