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The double of David Schwimmer who stole the crate of beer has been arrested


The double of David Schwimmer was arrested today. There was a storm on social media regarding the incident that happened a few days ago when a man with uncanny resemblance with David Schwimmer was captured in the surveillance camera, clutching the crate of beers in Liverpool and running away.

However, after the incident people started criticizing the star David Schwimmer for stealing the crate of beers but a Lancashire Police spokesman said, we have investigated this matter thoroughly and found that David Schwimmer was in America on this date. Police appealed the public to identify the man who allegedly stole a crate of beers from the store and has a mysterious resemblance to the well-known actor.

The video was posted on Twitter and “Friends” fans from across the world criticized him while some reacted humorously to the footage. Many of his lovelorn fans were dishearted, as they thought that the guy was a famous actor. Besides this, some people did not find it funny and said this man needs to be found rather than making fun of this matter.

On Tuesday, British police thanked David Schwimmer after arresting an alleged thief whose case went viral on social media.  The 36 years old man was arrested in South Hall, UK last night on suspicion of theft. The name of the man is yet not disclosed.

However, now the fans of friends can relax that their famous actor was not involved in the theft. Moreover, David Schwimmer too thanked the police for their great support.

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