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The fight between the driver and passenger caused the bus to plunge into the river – China


A very heartbreaking and distressing incident was reported from Chongqing, China where a passenger bus plunged into the river. The incident happened due to a small mistake of a passenger and the bus driver or we can say it the foolishness of the two which took the lives of all the passengers. 13 dead bodies have been retrieved by the divers and two are still missing.

The accident happened on Sunday and this shocked the people. Besides all the loss, it was also no less than a shock for them to hear an accident caused on a well maintained and relatively quiet bridge. Initial investigation reports claimed that the accident was caused when the bus had deviated to avoid an oncoming vehicle. The footage showed that the bus traveling at high speed turned into the opposite lane and hit the barrier. After hitting the barrier, the bus fell 50m off the bridge into the Yangtze River resulting in death of all the passengers including the driver.

A huge team of divers and rescue workers was deployed on the accident site. The bus wreckage was pulled out of the river from a depth of 71m but unfortunately, they announced there were no reports of survivors.

After a complete investigation, the footage from inside the bus came across which was captured by the camera inside the bus. The disturbing footage traumatized all the people. The footage of the bus showed that the accident happened due to a small fight of the bus driver and the passenger.

The silly fight was started by a 48 years old woman who stood angrily at the driver for missing her stop. The driver refused to stop the bus and let her off which made the woman hit the driver, Ran with her mobile and the driver reacted by hitting her back that cause the accident and the death of several innocents.

This disturbing footage was shared online by Chinese state Media to which people strongly blamed the woman for creating the fight while some blamed the driver too for reacting back. Some people called the authorities to introduce a new law for the passengers from distracting the driver.

However, it was an unfortunate incident which taught us a lesson. We should abide ourselves from quarreling with the driver and besides this, on seeing any passenger quarreling with the driver we should stop them.

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