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The people in France protest against fuel price: police sheds tear gas and water


This weekend marks the third weekend of the protest of the general public against the government’s high fuel prices and cost of living. The protestors and the police came before each other at the Arc de Triomphe in the Central Paris.

The protestors, who are known as the “yellow vest’ held rallies against the President Emmanuel Macron high fuel prices. The protestors have dressed in yellow jackets.

The protest became worse when the police shed tear gas and water cannons on the protestors who threw projectiles and put multiple buildings on fire.

What are the official statistics?

According to the security forces, 17 members of the police and the security forces are reported injured. A total of 110 people faced injuries during the riots. 270 people have been arrested after being found guilty of damaging the public property and disturbing the peace of the country.

One person has been reported to have been admitted in critical condition after the protestors pulled down the gate of Tuileries garden which unfortunately fell on people.

A riffle was also stolen from a police car.

The French interior minister claims that 7 buildings were set on fire during the protests.

Why did it start?

It all started as the fuel prices rose. Diesel, which is the common vehicle fuel of France, has risen by 23% in price over a year. The current price is the highest recorded since the early 2000s.

The people of France disagree with the government’s hydrocarbon tax. This tax has risen the prices of diesel by 7.6% and that of petrol by 3.9% when the world oil prices were already observing a hike.

Furthermore, the Government is eager to increase fuel prices since January 1st, 2019. The diesel prices will rise by 6.5% and petrol by 2.9%. With the increase in fuel prices, the general cost of living also increases.

While President Emmanuel Macron claims that high fuel prices will help battle global warming, the general public has shown anger towards a rise in the cost of living.

What is the President’s response?

The president said that the protestors had nothing to do with the peaceful protest. They are not out for a change rather are out to cause a chaos around the country. No cause can justify an attack on authorities, businesses, the general public, and journalists.

Who are the protestors?

The protest was initiated via the social media and thereby we don’t know who is leading the protest. The President blamed the political rivals for hijacking the movement.

In its first country-wide movement about 300,000 people took part. They wear yellow vests to get themselves identified as protestors.

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