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The woman who cooked her boyfriend and served to Pakistani workers is arrested!


Having fights in a relationship is not something very strange. All the couples tend to have an argument and even end up screaming and bashing at each other. However, this woman from UAE ended up the argument by killing off her boyfriend.

According to the local news and BBC reports, the woman was having a relationship with her boyfriend for seven years. He came by to meet her and both got involved in an argument. He threatened her to leave her and she got so frightened by the thought of being separated that she stabbed him to death.

According to some news sources, the man was hitting her and she killed him with a nearby knife in order to protect herself.

However, later she could not understand what to do with the dead body and thereby started chopping him off. She then cooked his meat for a traditional dish called Machboos. Machboos is a dish that uses meat, rice, and some spices. She served the dish (or her boyfriend) to the nearby Pakistani workers.

She was caught only when the boy’s brother and friends observed him missing. They came up to her and they knew he had last met her. She told them that she had a fight with him and thereby kicked him out of the house.

However, when police started an investigation and found that the boy was to seen nowhere after he last visited her, they inspected the home and found a human tooth in the blender.

The woman then confessed that how she killed her own boyfriend for betraying her and had used the blender to blend the flesh.

Her friend and helped her to dispose of the rest of the body. She, however, said that she never saw blood in the house.

The girl is now arrested and is under investigation before the court gives a final verdict.

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