Thursday, March 30

Thousands of Migrants waiting to head toward the United States

This very month a migrant caravan moved from the city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras. U.S Vice President Mike Pence advised the Presidents of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala to convince their citizens to stay home just one day before the migrants left Honduras. On 18 October, U.S President Donald Trump threatened to close the US-Mexico border and decided to deploy its military to block the caravans that use this path to enter the US illegally. On October 19, a huge Caravan of 3000 migrants entered Mexico from Guatemala. Guatemalan police took no step but Mexico announced that the only person with a valid visa would be allowed to enter Mexico and the group of 10 to 30 people can only enter as refugees. As it is said that the Mexican government began preparing to disperse the caravan under the pressure from the US. Some news sites reported that many fortified borders, blockades, police checkpoints, and fences were arranged to stop the migrants from entering the Mexico territory.
migrants marching towards us border
On 20 October about 2000 migrants who crossed the Suchiate River decided to reform the caravan to the United States. The caravan members passed through the Guatemalan border posts in the town of Tecun Uman and onto the bridge leading to Mexico. The president sharply criticized the caravan migrants for the border surge. Several were roadblocked while they were trying to cross the bridge and enter Mexico. Some of the migrants violently shook the fences at the borders and caused a clash. Which result in the injuries of several officers while some jumped into the Suchiate River to swim and some turned back toward Guatemala. Most of the migrants said there is nothing for us in our country while some said they have joined the caravan to escape violent street gangs and find suitable work. Some reports also claimed that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto also accused some migrants of attacking the police officers. He also said that Mexico will not allow anyone to enter its territory illegally. On Friday Donald Trump appreciated Mexico’s efforts to stop the caravan. He said they respect the leader of the United States. They have never done this before. Speaking in Scottsdale, Arizona Trump further said that if this doesn’t work we are calling up the military and on the other side he also threatened to cut off the aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, (which are among the poorest and most violent countries in America), if they fail to prevent the migrants from entering to US territory. He also threatened to call the army and shut the Southern border of the United States. Migrants who entered Mexico called for authorities to allow those who are still stuck on the bridge to continue the walk northward. On the other side, the migrants raised the slogans, “We are not criminal”, and “We are workers”. All they are hoping is to move the United States far away from the poverty and violence of their home country.

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