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What has Pakistan gained from the Crown Prince visit to Pakistan?

The Saudi Crown Prince just paid a 2 days long visit to Pakistan and people can’t stop talking about it. It was indeed a royal visit whose preparations started weeks before the Highness’ arrival. From booking royal banquets, 5 star hotels and publishing welcoming banners all around the capital city to security and army patrols, all had been royal. We have already talked about the details of the visit in our article: “Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s visit to Pakistan“, this article is based on all those benefits that have been reaped by Pakistan.
  1. Before even landing in Pakistan, the Saudi crown Prince had announced that the visa fees on Pakistanis would be reduced. According to the press release by the Government of Saudi Arabia, the Single entry visa fees has been reduced from 2000 Saudi Riyals to mere 338 Saudi Riyals. The multiple entry visa fees has been reduced from SR 3000 TO SR 675 only.
  • As soon as the Saudi crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman landed in Pakistan, he and his ministers signed investment deals which are worth $20 billion, which was regarded as the first phase of deepening relations with Pakistan by the Crown Prince.
  • The biggest investment fund deal was for oil refinery in the city of Gawadar which is worth $8 billion.
  • In his welcoming speech, the PM of Pakistan urged the Crown Prince to release those Pakistani prisoners who have been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia over small issues and doubt. Soon the news was making rounds that the Saudi crown Prince had ordered release of more than 2,100 Pakistani prisoners. He said it was his duty to release these prisoners.
  • The Saudi Crown prince selected Pakistan as the first Asian country for his official tour. He is now set to visit India and China.
  • He, the crown Prince, regarded himself as Ambassador of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia.
  • He also said that he could not say “no” to Pakistan.
  • He regarded Imran Khan, the current Prime Minister of Pakistan as a great leader who is capable to move the Pakistani economy to levels of greatness. It is because of Imran Khan’s leadership that Saudi Arabia seeks investment opportunities in Pakistan. He claimed that Pakistan has geostrategic importance and by 2010 he sees Pakistan as a major strong economy.
  • He left the country, its people and leaders in great happiness as he stressed that he is investing in Pakistan and not giving funds, aids or donations.

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