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White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO – which is right?


White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, these are the two main types of SEO that people might be aware about. These two are the basic SEO techniques that are applied to earn greater visibility in search engines. Besides these two SEO techniques there are also two other types of SEO, Grey hat SEO and negative SEO. After studying what is search engine optimization and how it works? You should also know what type of SEO is the tight type.

In this article we will briefly talk about and let you know which SEO is the right option.

White Hat SEO:

White Hat SEO techniques follow Google Webmaster guidelines techniques fairly. It is less risky but take longer time to implement. Yet it is costly and time taking but it gives lasting and compounding result. This is the right SEO technique that should be followed to rank your website.

Black Hat SEO:

As its name refers these are black techniques that are implemented to attract visitors to the website much more faster. It is less costly. In this a person uses shortcuts to rank his webpage. These techniques are all against the Google Webmaster guidelines. This is the risky type of SEO techniques that one must never follow because it could result you banned from the search results and your content will also rank lower.

Grey hat SEO:

Grey Hat SEO techniques are the combination of White Hat SEO and Black hat SEO techniques. It falls in the middle. These tactics involve some techniques that are not labeled or mentioned in Google Webmaster guidelines. Thus it is not safe to use these techniques. It is being deceptive and can cause trouble to you and also make you get penalize.

Negative SEO:

Negative SEO is a negative thinking. This is usually implemented to cause any harm to other person’s website. In this type of SEO black and grey hat SEO techniques are applied to someone website with an intention of causing harm to him. Most people apply these techniques to their competitor to make room for themselves in Google search results.

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