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Wildfire in California: celebs and many evacuate houses, 9 dead and 35 missing


The wildfire in California turns to be deadly as 9 have been reported dead. The fire that initiated in southern California has now leaped into the beach resort of Malibu. The beach resort is where many Hollywood celebs and stars tend to reside. As the destructive fire that seems unstoppable at the moment spread into residential areas, thousands of residents were forced to flee taking along only their kids and a handful of valuables.

Among these victims were Hollywood celebrities. Another blazing fire struck at the north which took hold of the beautiful town of Paradise and left it into ashes. According to the reports, the fire in the north has caused the death of as many as 9 people and 35 are missing. The destructive fire caused the mighty houses to become piles of ashes and useless structures.

The three fires: Camp Fire in the North, the Woolsey Fire and Hill Fire in the south are burning down California into ashes. The authorities reported that the reason they cannot control the fire is that the fire gets fanned by the strong blowing winds. Efforts to reduce and put out the fire thereby are all in vain.

When did this start?

It all started on Thursday when a fire struck just near the Thousand Oaks. The Thousand Oaks rests at a distance of only about 40 miles north-west of central Los Angeles. The hot blazing fire alarmed the people and authorities and about 75,000 homes were evacuated.

Another burning fire also started on Thursday just near the Thousand Oaks causing thousands of more residents to leave their houses. The victimized areas were the Calabasas, the south of Highway 101, and Malibu on the coast, and the western edge of Los Angeles.

The authorities were not able to get ahold of this fire when another fire splashed on Friday near the highway and entered the coastal areas. This fire has affected an area of about 35,000 acres causing another thousand residents to leave their houses.

This was when celebrities like Kim Kardashian also became a victim of the wildfire. She wrote: “Just landed back home and had one hour to pack up and evacuate our home. I pray everyone is safe,” she wrote. While the husband and a megastar reported that the family was safe.

Model and TV host Chrissy Teigen also tweeted about the matter and expressed her sorrow

Actress and singer Lea Michele and activist Maria Shiver were also victims of the fire


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