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Telenor Djuice Call Packages [Updated]

Telenor has always offered the best in every package for its use whether it is call, SMS, or internet. It has eased its subscriber to select any of the packages at a reasonable price according to their choice. Below are described some reasonable calls and SMS packages.

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Telenor Daily Call Packages

The daily call packages are not only affordable but also provide some additional SMS and MBs as a bonus. These daily call packages are for those with a small budget and less frequent usage.
PackagePriceOn-net minutesOff-net minutesMBsSMSValiditySubscription method
Telenor Super load OfferRs 0.50 exclusive of tax ----
--------1 day till midnight*5*100#
Talkshawk Good time offerRs 5.00Unlimited minutes for 2 hours----
200 Mb Facebook----Full day (except 6 pm to 9 pm)*345*20#
Talkshawk Saat se saat offer
Rs 8.50
20 Mb
Daily (7 am to 7 pm)
Din bhar lofferRs 10.00Unlimited
20 Mb
----6 am to 6 pm*345*006#
Talkshawk Full day OfferRs 12.00Unlimited
50 MB----1 day*5*250#
Talkshawk Superhit offerRs 15.00Unlimited
--------1 day*345*011#
24 Hour Pura Pakistan Rs 16.73----75 minutes (on net + off net)--------1 day*345*24#
Talkshawk 2 paisa dailyRs 1.20----Rs 0.02 per second (on net + off net)--------1 day*020#

Djuice Daily call offers

Telenor favors the youth with some amazing daily packages that fit their needs. Everyone knows how much calls the youth makes daily and that they need more minutes than regular users. And yes, the youth is usually short on budget. But don’t worry, Telenor has you covered with Djuice daily call packages.
PackagePriceOn-net MinutesOff-net MinutesSMSMBsValiditySubscription method
Djuice Daily 3 ka Scene Rs 13
1 day
Daily hybrid bundleRs 10Unlimited
1 day
Prime time offerRs 550----
Daily 9 pm to 9am*345*929#
Djuice team offerRs 6
Free MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter1 day
These offers are valid for Djuice customers and call setup charges of 15paisa per call will be applied.

Telenor Mini budget Offers

For those with a smaller budget but greater usage, Telenor provides a good volume of minutes, SMS and MBs. So, don’t worry when on a small budget, Telenor has you covered!
PackagePriceOn-net MinutesOff-net MinutesSMSMBsValiditySubscription method
Telenor 50 minutes mini-budget Rs 15
1 day till midnight

Telenor 100 minutes Mini Budget PackageRs 18
1 day till midnight*050#

Telenor 3 days Packages

The 3 days package allows you to be carefree for 3 days with significant on-net minutes, some off-net minutes and good deal of SMS and MBs.
PackagePriceOn-net MinutesOff-net MinutesSMSMBsValiditySubscription method
Telenor 3 din Sahulat packageRs 40.0025025250503 days (7am - 7pm)
Telenor Super 3 PackageRs 40.00300-----3001003 days*5*300#
Telenor 3 day Din bhar offerRs 24.50Unlimited---------------3 days (6 am – 6 pm)*345*626#
Telenor 3 day super hitRs 34.00Unlimited---------------3 days*345*299#

Djuice 3 days Plan

PackagePriceMinutesValiditySubscription method
3-day on-net offerRs 30250 on-net minutes, 500 SMS and 15 MB internet3 days*730#

Telenor and Djuice weekly Call Packages

Weekly call packages are ideal if you are not used to recharge your balance on either a monthly or daily basis. It is somewhat an in between type of package with significant amount of minutes and data. Also, they are cheaper than the daily packages when you compare the amount of data and time you are getting.
PackagePriceOn-net MinutesOff-net MinutesSMSMBsValiditySubscription method
Djuice SMS voice bundleRs 11.9512-----700----- 7 days*345*105#
Telenor Seven days Mini Budget PackageRs 86.00500-----100050 7 days*345*247#
Telenor haftawaar sahulat packageRs 95.001000707001000 7 days*5*7#
Telenor easy card weekly packageRs 15060050600600 7 daysEasy card recharge
Talkshawk 2 paisa weeklyRs 4.78Rs 0.02/ sec------------- 7 days*345*227#
Haftawaar chappar phar offerRs 74.00700 and unlimited on weekends----------70 7 days*5*700#
Djuice weekly InternetRs 160150----------3500 7 days*345*88#

Telenor and Djuice Monthly packages

Go for the monthly package and sit back and relax for the whole month. Use the minutes without any stress since Telenor provides enough to take you through the month. Also, taking something in a bulk is always cheaper!

Telenor Easy Card

Perhaps the best offer by Telenor to enjoy your entire week. By loading the Telenor easy card, you not only enjoy lots of on-net and off-net minutes, but also get a lot of SMS and Internet data. And what’s better? If you have greater usage than normal then you can load the Telenor Easy Card Plus which has more of everything. Both cards are valid for one month after loading.
PackagePriceOn-net MinutesOff-net MinutesSMSMBsValiditySubscription method
Telenor Monthly Easy cardRs 350500505005001 monthEasycard Recharge
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala PackageRs 4183000-----30003001 month*345*30#
Telenor Easycard Plus PackageRs 6002000150200020001 monthEasyload

Telenor Karachi offer

Besides all the above-mentioned packages, Telenor is offering a special package for the people of the Karachi.
PackagePriceMinutesValiditySubscription method
Djuice Karachi offerRs 10 Unlimited on-net minutes and 1000 SMS.1 day*345*21#

Telenor packages for post-pay users

Telenor is doing its best to cater to all its users. Besides all the prepaid packages, it has also offered some special and different on the net and off-net call packages for its post-pay subscribers.

Telenor On-net call Packages

PackagePriceOn-net MinutesSubscription method
On-net Bundle 250Rs 250800 *345*832#
On-net Bundle 550Rs 5502500*345*833#

Off-net call Packages

PackagePriceOff-net MinutesSubscription method
Any network voice bundle 50Rs 50 + tax40 to any network*345*821#
Any network voice Bundle 250Rs 250 + tax200 mins to any network*345*822#
Any network voice Bundle 550Rs 550 + tax550 mins to any network*345*823#

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