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Ufone All in one offer 2G, 3G, 4G Packages [Updated]

All in one offer by Ufone are the ones where one can pick up the best bundle of SMS, calls, and internet. All in One bundle are the different bundles designed for different users according to their needs.

Ufone Super Card Family

Ufone Super Card Family is where instead of recharging your account with money, you can load a super card and enjoy the All in One bundle.

Super Card

On-net minutes1000
Off-net Minutes150
Internet1200 MBs
Validity30 days
SubscriptionDial *240#, load a supercard or visit my Ufone App

Super Card Plus

On-net minutes1200
Off-net Minutes180
Internet1500 MBs
Validity30 days
SubscriptionLoad a supper card plus, dial *250# or visit My Ufone App
Ufone super card offer

Mini Super Card

PriceRs 299
On-net minutes500
Off-net Minutes75
Internet600 MBs
Validity15 days
SubscriptionLoad a supper card mini, dial *230# or visit My Ufone App

Terms & conditions

  • Avail package through U load.
    • Super Card Plus
    • Super Card
    • Mini Super Card
    • Ufone Super Minutes
    • Super Internet
  • Purchased via Credit / Debit Card
    • Super Card Plus
    • Super Card
    • Mini Super Card
  • To Find out Remaining Minutes, SMS, and Internet MBs, Dial *706# Or download My Ufone App to check remaining resources along with validity details.

Ufone Super Recharge Offer

PriceRs 45
On-net minutes300
Off-net Minutes10
Internet100 MBs
Validity2 days
SubscriptionDial *300# or visit my Ufone App

Power Hour Package

PriceRs 7.17
On-net minutes (U-U, Vfone and PTCL)60 Minutes
Internet60 MBs
Validity1 hour
SubscriptionDial *99#

Ufone Sim Lagao offer

u-fone new sim offers
This offer is only for those customers who have not used their Sim for 60 days. On reusing U-fone services, they can subscribe to the attractive Sim lagao offer
On-net minutes3000
Internet3000 MBs
Validity30 days
SubscriptionDial *5000#

Ufone Asli Chapar Phaar offer

Ufone offer Asli Chapar Phaar
PriceRs 80
On-net minutes100
Off-net MinutesNone
Internet100 MBs
Validity7 days

Ufone Daily Pakistan offer

PriceRs 18
On-net minutes100
Off-net MinutesNone
Internet10 MBs
Validity1 day
SubscriptionDial *888#

Weekly Pakistan offer

PriceRs 100
On-net minutes700
Off-net MinutesNone
Internet100 MBs
Validity7 days
SubscriptionDial *8888#

Monthly Pakistan Offer

PriceRs 418
On-net minutes4000
Off-net MinutesNone
Internet400 MBs
Validity30 days
SubscriptionDial *8888#


This was all about Ufone all-in-one packages. We have also talked about other Ufone offers below. Get your help to Know about any Ufone service here:

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