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Zong Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Package [Postpaid +Prepaid]

Zong, a China Mobile Company which was launched in Pakistan in 2008 previously commenced its operations as Paktel by Cables and Wireless in 1991. The first-ever company in Pakistan that attained the license to carry out its cellular phone services in Pakistan. After the launch of other cellular services, Paktel could not run its operation successfully and thus in 2003 Cables and Wireless sold Paktel to Millicom Cooperation. In 2007 Millicom sold its stake in Paktel Limited to China Mobile. After a year China Mobiles changed its name and reintroduced it as Zong. Here is a complete and updated list of Zong 4G Internet Packages.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong offers fastest Internet Packages on a Daily Basis to its customers who are not the frequent user of the internet and want to use the internet on a daily or Hourly basis
PackagePriceVolumeValiditySubscription methodUnsubscribe
Zong Super Student BundleRs 5+ Tax30 MB2 hours*3000#Automatically deactivates
Daily Basic BundleRs 15+tax100 MB1 day till midnight*6464#Expires automatically
Daily basic premiumRs 25 + tax500 MB1 day till midnight*6464#Expires automatically
Zong day Time offerRs 121200 MBExpires at 4 pmType DTO and send to 6464Type unsub DTO and send to 6464
Zong Good night OfferRs 16.002500 MBExpire at 9 amType GNO and send to 6464Type unsub GNO and send to 6464

Zong Daily Social Packages

Here are some packages for social media lovers. Zong offers you different social packages so you can remain active to enjoy daily WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook according to your need. The prices are also incredibly low.
PackagePriceVolumeValiditySubscription methodUnsubscribe
Zong Free Unlimited whatsApp offerRs 0---1 day*247#---
Zong Free 3G /4G package for FacebookRs 0------No subscription required---
Zong Twitter Only 3G/4G packageRs 220 MB for Twitter only1 day*6464#Expires automatically
Zong WhatsApp only Daily PackageRs 15150 MB1 day*4#Expires automatically
Zong Classified packRs 550 MB1 day*6464#Expires automatically
All in one dailyRs 2040 MB +40 On-net Minutes+ 4 Off-net minutes+ 400 SMS1 day till midnight*6464#Expires automatically
Zong Classified PackRs 550 MB internet for Darz, Lamudi, Pakwheels, Kaymu, and Carmudi24 hours*6464#---
Facebook DailyRs 550 MB24 hours*6464#---
Zong Daily Data Max PackageRs 35500 MB1 Day*5#---

Zong Weekly Packages

Weekly Internet Bundles are for those who love to enjoy the internet, downloading and uploading because Zong Weekly Buckets comes with enough MBs and at an affordable price.
PackagePriceVolumeValiditySubscription methodUnsubscribe
Super weekly offerRs 1202.5 GB7 days*6464#Automatically deactivates on the 7th day
Super weekly plus offerRs 1602.5 GB7 days*6464#Expires automatically on 7th day midnight
Super Weekly MaxRs 20010 GB7 days*20#Expires automatically
Zong Mega Weekly OfferRs 1604 GB7 daysExpires automatically

Zong Monthly Internet Buckets

Monthly Internet Packages makes you use tension-free internet for the whole month at very reasonable prices, Those who hate to subscribe to the internet offers, again and again, this is best for them.
PackagePriceVolumeValiditySubscription methodUnsubscribe
Monthly Mini 150Rs 50150 MB1 month*6464#Automatically expires after 30 days
Monthly Basic 500Rs 150500 MB30 days*6464#Automatically expires
Monthly Premium 3 GBRs 3003 GB30 days*6464#Automatically expires
Monthly Premium 12 GBRs 71712 GB30 days*6464#Automatically expires

Zong Add on Bundles

Zong is the only network that provides you Add-ons along with the above-mentioned Bundle. If you have consumed 80% of your Internet data volume you can simply add-on some MBs to your data volume. Here are the two Add-ons offers provided by Zong to its customers.
PackagePriceVolumeValiditySubscription method
Basic Add-on Rs 1030 MBTill the package expiresType ba and send to 6464
Premium Add-onRs 2080 MB---Type pa and send to 6464
In order to select any internet bucket of your choice, you can also simply dial *6464# and follow the onscreen instruction. To check your remaining MBs just dial *102# and then 4 from the option. If you have consumed the entire internet bucket, you will be charged Rs 4/MB. Beside this, you cannot subscribe to two data packages at one time. In order to subscribe to another package, you will have to unsubscribe the first package.

Zong Internet Packages for Postpaid Users

Zong also offers various data packages to its postpaid customers. However, billing is on monthly basis therefore, the Postpaid customers only have access to monthly packages.
PackagePriceVolumeValiditySubscription method
Monthly Mini 150Rs 50150 MBTill the billing cycle ends*567#
Monthly Basic 500 MBRs 150500 MBTill the billing cycle ends*567#
Monthly premium
1 GB
Rs 2001 GB Till the billing cycle ends*567#
Monthly Premium 3 GBRs 2503 GBTill the billing cycle ends*567#
Monthly Premium 10 GBRs 60010 GBTill the billing cycle ends*567#
Monthly Premium 20 GBRs 100020 GBTill the billing cycle ends*567#
Basic Add onRs 10100 MBTill the billing cycle ends*567#
Zong Postpaid users can dial 310 for activation and details of Internet Bundle. To check your Current Internet, SMS ‘BL’ to 567.

How did Zong become the largest Telecom company?

In 2008 Zong was considered the smallest Telecom Service of Pakistan. However, During the 11 long years, Zong succeeded in joining the competition with other telecom services. Today, it is known as the most reliable, fastest, and widely growing telecom service of Pakistan. This journey was not an easy one. It only became possible by providing the fastest and reasonable packages to its customers.

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