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Revive World Cup 2015 memories – Teams, Points and Results

The World Cup 2015 was held in Australia / New Zealand from 14th Feb to 29th March, 2015. A total of 14 teams were part of the World Cup 2015.


  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. Pakistan
  4. India (Defending Champions)
  5. England
  6. South Africa
  7. West Indies
  8. Sri Lanka
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Zimbabwe
  11. Afghanistan
  12. Ireland
  13. Scotland
  14. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
These 14 teams were divided into 2 pools with each pool consisting of 7 teams. Both pools were also made fairly as they accommodate teams with higher and lower ranking equally in both pools.
Pool AMatches PlayedWonLostTiedNRPointsNRR
New Zealand6600012+2.564
Sri Lanka642008+0.371
Pool BMatches PlayedWonLostTiedNRPtsNRR
South Africa642008+1.707
The pool stages are the first course of the World Cup 2015. Each team in the pool must play a match with every other team. Hence, each team must play 6 matches in the pool stages.

Points allocation

Win: 2 points Tie: 1 point NR (No Result): 1 point The top 4 teams from each pool make it to the quarter finals. But, what happens when 2 or more teams have the same points?
  1. If there are teams that have the same number of points, then the team having higher number of wins will be placed up the table.
  2. In case they have the same wins, the team having higher NRR (Net Run Rate) will be placed higher on the table.
  3. In rare cases, teams are evaluated on head to head matches with each other, the one having greater number of wins is placed higher on the table.

Quarter Finals

There are 4 quarter finals. Each one played by one pool team with the other pool team. To give advantage to the teams ending up on top of the pool table, they will play with the team at the bottom of the other pool table. The fixtures were these:

Quarter Final 1

Pool A Team 1 vs Pool B Team 4

Quarter Final 2

Pool A Team 2 vs Pool B Team 3

Quarter Final 3

Pool A Team 3 vs Pool B Team 2

Quarter Final 4

Pool A Team 4 vs Pool B Team 1
18-3-15Sri Lanka vs South AfricaSouth Africa won by 9 wickets
19-3-15India vs BangladeshIndia won by 109 runs
20-3-15Pakistan vs AustraliaAustralia won by 6 wickets
21-3-15New Zealand vs West IndiesNew Zealand won by 143 runs

Semi Finals

The winners of the Quarter final will play with the Semi-Finals in the following way

Semi Final 1

Winner of Quarter Final 1 vs Winner of Quarter Final 3

Semi Final 2

Winner of Quarter Final 2 vs Winner of Quarter Final 4
24-3-15South Africa vs New ZealandNew Zealand won by 4 wickets (DLS method)
26-3-15Australia vs IndiaAustalia won by 95 runs
The defending champions, India were knocked out in the semi-final against Australia. Australia sealed a comfortable win by 95 runs and were once again on the road to win the World Cup. The in form New Zealand team was able to seal the deal in the semi final against South Africa. Hence, the hosts of the World Cup 2015 are to face off in the finals. Incase a semi-final is tied, there will be no super over. Rather, the teams will be evaluated upon their position in the pool tables. The team having higher position in the pool table will be declared as winner. (Incase same positions, then NRR will come into play).


Final to be played between the winners of the Semi Finals. Incase the final ends up in a tie, super over will be played. However, if the match is abandoned, both teams will be declared winners. The final was played in Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia. However promising the performance of the New Zealand team was in the whole World Cup, they failed to give Australia a tough time in the final. Australia won the match comfortably by 7 wickets and became the World Champions for the fifth time.
29-3-15New Zealand vs AustraliaAustralia won by 7 wickets

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