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Bill Gates – Most successful entrepreneur in the world


If you would even ask a kid to name the most successful person alive, he would probably say “Bill Gates”. Indeed Gates has been able to carve out himself as the most successful entrepreneur. His current net worth is US $119.7 billion and that is absolute, wow.

The Story of Success Carved by Bill Gates!

But, the most important thing in his life is that he never gave up! He carved out his story of success and that is exactly what we are going to share with you so that you get hopeful with your life!

Born to a upper middle class of the family and being very close to his mother, Bill Gates was a bookworm who would spend hours reading reference books and exploring encyclopedias. His grades were good yet his parents had this fear that he might grow up being a less interactive person.

His life ambition changed when he was at Lakeside School and they offered computer time for the students. It was then that Bill Gates explored his interest in computer and technology. He invested hefty time on computer and was soon able to develop a tic-tac-toe program.

His intelligence was proven at the SAT test where he scored 1590 out of 1600. He got admission at Harvard University and enrolled himself in a law program. He would only pass the subjects as he would spend hours in the computer lab.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen: a bond of Friendship

It was there when he met Paul Allen, who was two years senior to him. Even though both had different nature and behavior, their similar interests allowed them to develop strong friendship within a short span of time. Together they started to work on programs and debug them. Later Bill Gates developed a payroll program that allowed them to sneak into the school’s scheduling program.

When he was only 15 years of age, he and Allen developed a “Traf-o-Data” program. This was able to yield them $20,000. They wanted to start their own business but they had pressure from their parents to finish off their studies.

Thereby, both of them went to their Universities to complete their education. Both went off to different institutions yet remained in touch with each other. After two years, Allen dropped out and started working on a BASIC software program with Gates. They contacted the MITS and demonstrated their program which was a huge success. Allen got hired at MITS and Gates soon joined him.

They then established Microsoft in 1983. However, Allen could not continue as per his Hodgkin’s disease. He recovered yet did not join Microsoft.

Bill Gates-a philanthropist 

how Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation started

Microsoft became the world’s greatest PC software. Gates held the office as the chief executive until 2000. It was 2006 when Gates stepped down from Microsoft and gave his time to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Now, Gates works as a Philanthropist with his ex-wife. He has been on the Forbes wealthiest person’s list since 1987. Today he holds the second position on the list. He has been among the top richest people in the world. What started as an ordinary journey has ended up being one of the most inspirational journey. 

Today we know Bill Gates as a name of success. A name that has become a Brand on its own. However, we all do not want to become Bill Gates, we all have a lesson to learn from him. We all can pave our own stories and our own path through constant motivation and dedication. 

Perusing your passion is not a bad thing, but once you do it, make sure you excel at it!

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