Monday, September 25

5 Useful Mobile Phone Accessories


Mobile Phone Accessories are important because they provide ease and better experience. Using our smartphones becomes much more fun when used with the right accessories. Here are 5 accessories that you should have for your phone.

1. Power Bank

A handy device to charge your phone on the go. Relieves you from the stress of charging your phone at home and keeping an eye out for calls and messages. Be careful to choose the capacity of your power bank (stated in mAh) according to your requirement. For example, a 10000 mAh power bank can charge your smartphone (having a 3000 mAh battery) about 3 times.


2. Bluetooth Speaker

If you like watching movies on your phone or listening to music without getting irritated by your headphones, then Bluetooth Speakers are a must have. Also, you can play something loud for your friends if you want to.

3. VR Headset

The purpose of a VR (Virtual Reality) headset is to show you high definition videos in a simulated environment. VR is one of the most evolving feature in smartphones and gaming consoles. It provides an amazing experience for watching videos and playing games.


4. Gamepad

If you are into gaming, then you most certainly need a Gamepad. It is a controller similar to the ones you get with gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox. Also, if you play games using the VR, this is even more fun!



5. Table Lamp with a speaker

With this you can adjust the brightness of the lamp and volume of the speaker within the lamp through your phone. Simply connect the phone to the lamp with aux or Bluetooth and enjoy the clever feature.


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