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Apple to launch its three 5G iPhones and one low-cost iPhone in 2020 – J.P. Morgan report

Bad news for all the iPhone fans. Apple is not going to launch any of its iPhone this year (2019). From a bunch of reliable reports, we came to know that Apple is not going to launch any iPhone this year. In fact, it will launch four iPhone models next year.

Apple launches its new models in September each year

Traditionally, Apple launches its new iPhone each year in September. The success in their phones is driven by many factors which also include people using old phone models ready to upgrade and also the overall profitable conditions worldwide.
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A report by an analyst at J.P Morgan

A new and reliable report claimed that Samik Chatterjee, an analyst at J.P. Morgan one of the leading financial services firm, said that Apple’s new iPhones are set to hit the market next year. It could reignite growth in the company flagship device and will help to boost their sale next year.

Four new models are set to launch in 2020

He also wrote in his report that the current expectation is that Apple will launch four iPhone models in 2020. He expects Apple to launch three new OLED phones with 5G modems. Among the three, two will also have a Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera.

Now Apple devices will have Time-of-Flight Camera

Time-of-Flight camera or ToF camera technology is all the rage. People are just looking for devices with ToF cameras. Huawei devices already have it and now Apple is going to be next. Apple’s current devices have 3D sensing technology in their front camera and now it is expected that they will have similar 3D sensing camera on the back. ToF camera is used to resolve the distance between the camera and the subject for each point of the image.
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What will the new iPhones feature?

Chatterjee also claimed that there will be several new features in 2020 such as OLED Display, high-speed modems, and virtual reality features. He also said that 3 iPhone models of September 2020 will have 5.4, 6.1, and 6.7 inches screen size respectively. At least two of these three models will adopt the world facing 3D sensing technology driving industry-leading AR/VR capabilities.

Apple also to launch one valuable iPhone

He also revealed that the company is now going for the value market. It means that they are making a phone with the size of iPhone 8 which will be available without 5G modems and at a relatively reasonable cost. This will be the fourth iPhone model of September 2020.

Apple will ship more iPhones next year

The analyst also predicted that Apple is aiming to restore its sale growth. The company is expecting to ship nearly 195 million units worldwide which is 15 million more than the estimated number of units shipped in the year 2019. So now all the iPhones lovers can only wait for a year until Apple launches its four iPhone models, one low-cost version and three 5g models.
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