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Useful Apps that are Making Teens Rich

Teens of this generation are incredibly well equipped to be good entrepreneurs. With vlogging and fashion blogging, teens are making large sums of money. However, apart from these mainstream earning applications where teens are putting up their videos and photos to earn money, The Planet Today will tell you about other unorthodox applications that have made way into the earning market. These applications allow people to buy and sell stuff with ease. Although these apps have no age limit as to who might use it, but you would expect that they have become increasingly popular among teenagers. Apparently, this generation of teenagers love to buy and sell their stuff online, it’s like heaven on earth for them! So, let’s have a look at the most trending apps that teens are using to get rich:

1. ThredUp – Buy and Sell Clothes app

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An online store where you can buy and sell used clothes and accessories. The online store has gained massive popularity and ThredUp expects the store to gain even more precedence this year. If you are thinking that no one wears used clothes, think again! A majority has chosen to use second-hand clothing and ThredUp even expects that from this year onwards, every 1 in 3 people will opt for used clothing.

How to sell clothes using ThredUp?

If you want to sell your clothes, you will have to spend a little. ThredUp will send you a “clean-out kit” which you will have to purchase for $10. Clothes are then sent to ThredUp by the seller in this clean-out kit or bag. After reviewing the clothes, ThredUp decides whether the clothes will be donated or put up on their site for sale. Upon decision of putting up on sale, the seller will be paid up front.

2. GOAT – Buy and Sell Shoe App

Every second or third teen you’ll see these days would be wearing sneakers, and that’s not all, they’d probably even have loads of them stacked at home. One for every occasion! We have even seen people trying out sneakers with formal clothing. According to a survey in 2019, it was observed that 31% males and 22% females are obsessed with sneakers. They would literally opt for sneakers over any other form of footwear. So, when you are a sneaker lover, you’d want to update to the latest ones all the time and look for rare ones as well. GOAT is the go-to destination for these sneaker lovers. Here they can buy rare sneakers, sell their existing ones and discover new ones. Launched in 2015, GOAT is the world’s largest marketplace for high-end sneakers and teens are earning considerable amount of money from this platform. So, if you are a sneaker lover, go check it out!

3. Depop – Buy and Sell Account

A mix of Instagram and eBay allows users to create a profile, display items and sell them easily. It is not confined to any fixed item, users can enlist items and interact with the community. It is a great platform to sell things and has gained enormous success with the young generation. With 13 million users in 147 countries, 90% of Depop’s users are under the age of 26 and they are earning a handsome amount of money by doing so. In fact, many youngsters have been able to earn money to buy houses and cars even before going to college. Depop’s vice president says that sellers can earn as much as $300,000 a year.

4. Poshmark – Buy and sell clothes app

Similar to Depop, Poshmark allows its users to create profiles and put their stuff up for sale. Items can be new or used and the interaction between the community allows you to find the best deals. Poshmark launched In 2011 and it now has a community of over 5 million sellers. In May 2018, Poshmark paid around $1 billion to its sellers. Among these were the sellers who had earned as much as $1 million.

5. StockX – Buy and Sell Anything

An online marketplace where people can buy and sell a variety of items including sneakers, streetwear, watches and designer handbags. StockX was founded in 2015 and it is a marketplace that provides a platform for both buyers and sellers and itself acts as a secure middleman. StockX maintains its quality and assurance by checking all the items being shipped from buyer to seller.


Teens are making use of these apps to get rich. And as we have mentioned in this article, youngsters are even earning around $500,000 a year. Using these apps have enabled youngsters to buy cars and houses even before going to college. This is because teens have a great sense of dressing and are updated about the latest trends. This enables them to sell the right thing at the right time for the right price. In fact, they have developed great entrepreneurial skills which are making these teens rich! So, if you are a teen who has a really good sense of shopping, go shopping and make an earning!

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