Wednesday, March 29

Climate Smart Agriculture Launched In Pakistan

Pakistan is in a challenging situation regarding its agriculture industry. To combat the change in environmental issues and lift up our agriculture industry Pakistan needs to start climate smart agriculture. An atmosphere brilliant horticulture venture has been propelled in Pakistan with the assistance of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Prime Minister adviser, Malik Amin Aslam said that around 3 million farmers of Sindh and South Punjab would profit by the Climate Smart Agriculture to be actualized in 8 regions of the country. Malik Amin at the memorandum of understanding (MoU) gave these remarks. The memorandum happened between FAO and MoCC (Ministry of climate change). MoCC Secretary, Naheed Shah Durrani and Country Representative FAO, MinĂ  Dowlatchahi marked the MoU to help Pakistan’s endeavors to upgrade atmosphere versatility of the nation’s agribusiness and water areas.
Amin said, Pakistan is the most affected agricultural country from climate change. The agriculture sector is facing very aggressive environmental degradation because of the country’s weather. It affected our harvesting and sowing practices. Pakistan got USD 35 Million grant from GCF (green climate fund). To implement the project it would be a great help. Climate smart agriculture is the first project that will introduce this kind of smart agriculture. USD 12 Million is donated by provinces in the project. The project is a pilot program. It will benefit 2 Million farmers and 1 million will have direct benefits from it. “We will have the best practices from this project and will teach and train the farmers. Training will help them understand better watering, planting different harvests, and receiving a multi-dimensional methodology,” he included.

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