Monday, September 25

No need to download mobile app for food, Google search and google assistant will do it for you

google food delivery
Ever thought you could just tell the Voice Assistant on your phone to order food from your favorite restaurant and BAM it’s done? Well, guess what, Google has now made this possible! Now, you can order food directly from Google Search, Google Maps and Google Assistant. Google has partnered up with DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice, and ChowNow for the delivery feature and it will be partnering up with many others in the future. Whenever you search for a restaurant in Google Search or on the Maps, an “Order Online” button will appear next to the restaurant. Although of course, the restaurant must be participating in the program to display this option.
Google Assistant Food Delivery
Other than ordering through Google Maps or Google Search, Google has also revealed that you can order using the Google voice assistant. This feature will be available on both Android and iOS smartphones. Just tell your voice assistant something like “Order food from [restaurant name]” and it will pull up a menu of that restaurant. The assistant can even save your choices from particular restaurants and order that food right away without you even having to take a look at the menu. Regular payment methods will be supported but Google will also integrate Google Pay as a payment method. Other Google tools are sure to be integrated into this service to enhance the user experience.

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