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Google Maps COVID-19 Layer For Safe Traveling

Since the start of this year, the world is in a state of war. We are fighting to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic. Although it seems impossible before the arrival of the vaccine in the market but somehow we have managed to control it to some extent. Google Maps has announced to introduce a new COVID-19 layer for maps. It will be updated on Google maps. The new feature will give essential information about the rate of coronavirus infection to the place you are traveling.
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Covid-19 info layer

Everything in our life was affected by the outbreak. After the struggle of several months, the world is now moving forward to lift lockdowns. Every country and territory of the world is trying to take things back to normal. We are moving back to live by following precautionary measures like social distancing and masks. Thus, they are helping society with its new updated features called google maps COVID-19 layer. The “Covid-19 Info layer” is the new layer in Google maps for safe traveling. The new layer will be available by clicking on the layer button. The layer button is right below the profile picture. It will help to inform you about the rate of coronavirus cases in the area where you are willing to travel. It will provide you with a 7-day average date of the past and new cases per 100,000 people.
google maps covid 19 travel safe notification
The information will be available next to an arrow button. It will also show you whether the cases have been increasing or decreasing in the area. Besides this, the information will be available on the map with appropriate color-coding.

Google Maps Covid-19 layer provides info of each state, province, and city

The COVID-19 layer of Google maps will be available in all countries and territories that Google maps support. It will also reveal the data from all the countries and territories. It is going to prove helpful in your traveling during this pandemic. Whether you are traveling in your own country or internationally, the data will surely help you. It will provide detailed info of each state, province, or city. Famous sources like John Hopkins University, The NewYork Times, and Wikipedia will be followed to gather the data. The data will be the same that is available on the Google search engine when you search for any country for coronavirus case rate. There will be nothing different or falsely mentioned. All the details will be accurate in the Google maps COVID-19 layer.

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