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Google Stadia Founder’s Edition – Release Date, Pricing and More!

On 6th June 2019, Stadia Connect had its first livestream session. In this session, Google announced the release date, price and games of the Stadia Connect.
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Google Stadia

Release Date

Stadia will be launched in November 2019 but, there is a catch. Only those who pre-order Stadia Founder’s Edition (starting from 6th June) will experience the November 2019 launch. Others will have to wait till 2020.

The two versions of Stadia

Google has mentioned two versions of the Stadia: Stadia Pro (paid version) and Stadia Base (free version). The paid version will have better stream and sound quality along with other benefits discussed below.

1. Stadia Pro

The Stadia Pro will cost you $9.99 per month and will allows up to 4K/60 fps HDR with 5.1 surround sound. This subscription will also provide benefits like discounts on games for purchase and free games as long as subscription is active. Regular content will also be added to the user’s library for being a Stadia Pro member. *Stadia Pro will include all benefits of Stadia Base.

2. Stadia Base

The free version, Stadia Base, will be available by 2020. This version allows up to 1080p/60 fps video with stereo sound. It also comes with the capability to run games in Chrome browser or smartphones (initially Pixel 3/3a). Smartphones will officially get a Stadia app and Google says that it will be expanding Stadia to many smartphones along the way.

What is the Founder’s Edition?

To celebrate its first users to Google Stadia, Google has offered the founders edition which can be pre-booked right now. These users will be the first to experience Google Stadia somewhere in November with others having to wait till 2020 (seeing off the founder’s edition subscription). The Founder’s Edition costs $129 and here is what it offers:
  1. Stadia Pro subscription for 3 months.
  2. Limited Edition Night Blue Colored Stadia Controller.
  3. Chromecast Ultra.
  4. Exclusive Stadia name.
  5. Complete Destiny 2 experience that includes the base game, all previous add-ons and the Annual Pass and chance to transfer your data from PC and Xbox.
  6. You can share Stadia with a friend with a 3-month Buddy Pass.
Google Stadia Founder's edition
Limited Edition Night Blue Controller and Google Chromecast


Stadia Controllers
Some people might think of the founder’s edition as something crazy people would take but when you look at what they are offering, it looks pretty good. When you look at Stadia Controllers, they are available for $69 in Black, White and Wasabi colors. So, you are getting that controller and a Chromecast ultra along with that. You can also share Stadia with the Buddy Pass you get. So $129 suddenly seems worth it! Unfortunately, Founder’s Edition is currently available in 14 countries:
  1. Belgium
  2. Italy
  3. Finland
  4. Netherlands
  5. Canada
  6. Norway
  7. Denmark
  8. Spain
  9. France
  10. Sweden
  11. Germany
  12. United Kingdom
  13. Ireland
  14. USA
We hope that it comes to your country soon!

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