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Honor to Launch Its First New Product After Getting Independent

Its been a month when the Chinese Giant Huawei sold off its sub-brand Honor to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology. According to some reports Huawei is facing tough times due to US sanctions against them. This was the reason that it had to sell Honor to Zhixin New Information Technology. The deal was finalized on 17th November 2020 and Honor was declared independent from Huawei. Since then the company was under some structural changes and recently it has announced the launch of its new product soon. It will be Honor’s first product launch independently.

Official Honor product launch Announcement

The New CEO of Honor, Zhao Ming recently made an announcement to launch the new product. He shared a letter on the Chinese Microbiology website Weibo. He presented the letter on the seventh anniversary of the brand. The letter details to shower love and joy on its fans and shared the greatest news. It mentioned launching its first product after getting independent from Chinese Huawei. Zhao Meng in his letter also thanked the company’s manufacturers, distributors, retail partners suppliers, and users. Read more: Dengue fever may provide immunity against coronavirus

No details about the new product

The letter signed by Huawei management only mentioned the news about the launch of their new product. However, the CEO did not share any details about the product name or its launch timeline.  Although it mentioned to host an annual fan meeting next month to discuss the future of the brand. Some unconfirmed sources claimed that the company is about to launch the Honor V40-series smartphone at the start of 2021. However, people expect that the company will make an announcement about their new upcoming products in the fan meeting. Read more: World’s first sneakers made of your favorite morning drink

Honor sets an ambition to surpass Huawei

Zhao Ming hopes to take the Honor to the top of the list of leading mobile companies. He also wishes to surpass its former owner company Huawei, the Chinese Tech Giant. According to the CEO, Honor has also set an ambitious sales target of 100 million units for its upcoming year. The company is again looking forward to achieving a good start and is currently looking forward to get its supply chain. It is also looking forward to expand its presence. Honor has opened its stores in several cities of China to get a good start from its own country and then move worldwide.

Will Honor Phones Run Google Mobile Services?

Since Huawei was effected by US sanctions in 2019, it was restricted to run Android or any other Google Services. However, since Honor is now separate from Huawei, it will probably be able to run Android / Google Mobile Services. If Honor does get Android, then it has a good chance to dominate the market and surpass Huawei to become the leading Mobile Phone brand of China. Let’s wait and watch!
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