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iPhone XR vs iPhone XS/XS Max


Apple has recently launched the iPhone XR which is the cheaper version of the iPhone XS. The XR costs $749 whereas the XS and XS max cost $999 and $1099 respectively which makes the XR relatively cheap in price. We will be comparing the phones in respect to which one delivers more in terms of money and whether you are better off buying the XR or the XS.

1. Display

All three phones are different in size. The XS max with its 6.5-inch OLED display is the biggest of them all having a 2688×1242 pixel resolution followed by the XR which has 6.1-inch LCD (not OLED) and a 1792×828 pixel resolution. The smallest screen size is that of the XS which 5.8-inch OLED comprising of a 2436×1125 pixel resolution. The iPhone XR’s display is less sharp than the XS and the XS max but one cannot notice much in a glance. Also, if you already use the iPhone X you will have no issues with the XR’s display.

2. Performance

As already discussed, the XR is much cheaper than both the XS and the XS max which gives it a plus point. All three phones have the same A12 Bionic processor introduced by Apple and it is incredibly fast. The phones are said to launch applications 30% faster than the previous versions with a 6-core CPU and 4-core GPU. Infact, when put to a benchmark test, all three phones came out on top, beating all the flagship phones like the Galaxy Note 9, S9 and the OnePlus 6. Doing justice to their price, the iPhone XS Max came out on top followed by the XS and then the XR. The point to note here is that the XR did not lag behind by much and therefore is a worthy enough phone. Apple has not revealed how much RAM do the XS and XR pack in them but various sources reveal that the XS and XS Max have 4 GB RAM while the XR has a 3 GB RAM. This also means that the XS and XS Max will perform much better while switching between applications and launching new ones.

3. Camera

The XS and XS max both have 12 MP dual cameras whereas the XR has a single 12 MP camera. All 3 phones can capture wide angle pictures whereas the XS and XS are also equipped with a telephoto aperture. Both cameras are equipped with features like portrait mode, apple’s depth control adjustment and smart HDR but XS and XS Max provide 2x optical zoom along with 10x digital zoom whereas the XR only offers 5x digital zoom. All three phones feature the same 7 MP front camera, so if you use the front camera more often than the primary one, you will be more than happy with the XR.

4. Battery Life

Even with its low price, the iPhone XR comes on top among all three devices in terms of battery life. In fact, the iPhone XS has a pretty ordinary battery time whereas the XS Max performs just about right considering its large display. All three phones support fast-charging as well.

5. Design

When it comes to design, all three phones stand out in their own way. The iPhone XR has been modified by using aluminum body instead of stainless steel. Also, the XR is available in black, blue, coral, red, white and yellow colors whereas the XS models are available in gold, silver and space grey. This differentiation has been kept to make the XS models feel more exclusive and elegant.

After this in-depth comparison, one can say that iPhone XR is not a bad choice if a person is on budget. You can enjoy almost all the new features of the XS models in a relatively cheap price if you opt for the iPhone XR.

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