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WhatsApp Like App To Fight Cyber Crime Fear – IT Minister

Ever since the world has turned into a global village, cyber crime is a major threat to humanity. In Pakistan cyber criminals always try to be trouble makers for the public as well as the government. Lately, neighboring countries are doubted to interfere in our secret data.

Recent services in Cyber Crime by NITB

NITB has recently blocked cyber attacks by hackers who were trying to hack mobile accounts for confidential information. National information and technology board alerted the concerned people through tweets on time. Apache HTTP software which is used to develop web content is at risk of being hacked. About 40% of all the web sites in the world are powered by apache web sources. As a result, timely alert by NITB, apache securities took measures to make it safer and less at risk. So, the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad jammed the services of mobile applications to prevent the robbery of data. Higher authority’s spontaneous actions saved the day.

Importance of Apache in cyber crime

Apache was developed by the Apache foundation in 1995. It is a free and opensource web server software package. It is known to be compatible with all UNIX based operating systems. Apache became the most helpful HTTP client in the world of the internet in no time. It delivers web content across the internet. Apache power 40% of websites on the internet. That is why it is easy prey for professional hackers. They can access a lot of information about various projects through Apache.

WhatsApp look-alike app to control cyber attacks

Recently, government officials felt unsafe while using WhatsApp because WhatsApp is accessible. Although it is not easy to hack a WhatsApp account. But for professional hackers, it is achievable. Avoid WhatsApp hacking by taking measured steps. Government officials communicate every type of confidential information with each other through WhatsApp which is not safe. Indian cyber criminals are doubted to interfere in the secret data of our government officials.
whatsapp app to be developed for cyber crime in pakistan
Pakistan Army officials are looking forward to eliminating such dangers. Whereas NITB has started working on manufacturing an android app which is similar to WhatsApp. This new app will be more secure and encrypted with rigid algorithms. According to some recent reports, India is investing in cyberwarfare capabilities as a defensive strategy against foes.


Two recent events convinced the authorities to make a secure app that functions like WhatsApp. Firstly, a cyber crime attack on Apache HTTP which was timely catered by the authorities. Because Apache is easily accessible to hackers the risk of cyber crime is high through this platform. To resist the attack, The Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad jammed the services of mobile applications Secondly, the concerns of government officials related to cyber crime. They feel insecure while using WhatsApp. Many government officials have to discuss important projects. And they need to communicate secret information with each other. That is why a need for a secure and safe app arouse. Government officials handed this project over to National Information and Technology Board (NITB). So, This new app will reduce the risk of cyber crime.

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