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Requirements for 4K Ultra HD streaming on Netflix

Netflix HD streaming services come with three different subscription plans. The basic plan, the Standard Plan, and the Premium Plan. The standard Plan offers HD streaming whereas 4K streaming is offered by Premium plan. However, if you are looking forward to getting the Netflix Ultra HD and HD streaming plans then it is a must to possess the following requirements before buying any streaming plans. Mentioned below are the requirements to stream Ultra HD.

Netflix HD Streaming on Windows 10 requirements

Here are the requirements that will allow you to stream HD content on Netflix:
  1. First of all, you should get a computer with Windows 10 latest features updated in it.
  2. A Netflix official App.
  3. A display with 720p.
  4. You must have a 7th generation Intel Core or any higher-performing processor.
  5. A high-quality internet connection with 5 Mbps speed.
  6. Set the Netflix streaming quality to auto or high.

Netflix 4K UHD streaming requirements on Windows 10

To stream 4K Ultra HD content on Windows 10, it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements:
  1. A computer with the latest version of Windows 10 installed
  2. An Official Netflix app or Microsoft Edge Browser
  3. A 60Hz display with 4K resolution
  4. A high-quality internet connection with more than 25 Mbps speed
  5. 7th Generation Intel Core processor.
  6. If you do not have a 7th generation Intel Core processor try on an NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU with a minimum 3GB RAM.
  7. Set streaming quality on Auto or High.
In case you possess all the requirements but you are still unable to stream Netflix Ultra HD 4K videos then go for HEVC extension. It is widely used in PCs to play Ultra HD 4K videos.

Reasons you are unable to stream 4K UHD on Google Chrome

Most of us have this complaint that they are unable to stream 4K UHD titles on the Google Chrome browser. Why is it so? Google Chrome browser provides software-based DRM protection that does not enable you to stream Ultra 4K HD videos. The reason is simple and clear: people often misuse to record Netflix shows in UHD quality and distribute them illegally.

Which Netflix plan should be used?

If you meet all the requirements to stream Netflix 4K Ultra HD content then you must go for a premium Plan otherwise you should select a standard plan or mobile-only plans.
netflix ultra hd premium plan
Besides this, if you are willing to get shareable account then you must go for a premium plan as it provides four screens.

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