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What made Samsung want to establish a Smartphone Assembly in Pakistan?

Samsung is a huge manufacturer of mobile phones all over the world. Recently, a meeting was held with the CEO and MD of Samsung Pakistan. They showed interest in several future programs. Firstly, Samsung wants to set an assembly plant in Pakistan for its mobile phones.

Ministry of Industries and Production news

Smartphone production in Pakistan is multiplying. The following DIRBS implementation and Mobile policy launched recently. Hammad Azhar on twitter
Ministry of Industries and Production
Ministry of Industries and Production, Hammad Azhar with MD & CEO of Samsung Pakistan
Azhar said that Samsung Pakistan appreciated our efforts on the government’s policies. Thus, they are looking forward to establishing a mobile phone assembly company in Pakistan.
Met with Samsung Pakistan CEO and MD. They appreciate device policies and considering setting up a Samsung smartphone assembly plant in Pakistan. Hammad Azhar also stated in tweet

Mobile device Policies Pakistan – The deciding factor!

This year in June, new mobile device policies launched for promoting indigenization. The policies are for mobile devices and their manufacturing. It is to attract local and foreign companies to work in the country. These mobile policies are to help reduce the cost of mobile prices by localization. Also, it will increase export by availing tax breaking and other incentives. As an update, in Pakistan 14 smartphone companies are manufacturing mobile phones. But, those are mostly 2G. However, new policies are to produce 3G and 4G smartphones. Also, the government is initiating a step to discourage smartphone smuggling by introducing DIRBS (Device Identification Registration and Blocking System). Through this, every device e.g; mobile phones and all other telecom devices are registered properly. It gives protection to the local producer telecom devices. Due to DIRBS, the Pakistan government wants to ensure that only legal devices are used in the country.

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