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Snapchat officially launches Spotlight to compete with TikTok

With all the craziness of TikTok surrounding the world, all major social apps are now looking to launch their own versions. Firstly, YouTube has launched YouTube Shorts and now Snapchat has introduced “Spotlight”.
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What is Spotlight by Snapchat?

Spotlight by Snapchat allows users to share their videos with the world. It is a separate dedicated tab in Snapchat that allows the users to create snaps up to 60 seconds and upload them. When you enter the Spotlight tab you can see videos uploaded by other users on the spotlight. You will see the videos according to your interests based on what you have viewed in the past. Snapchat also uses a clever algorithm like other apps to show you content based on your likes and interests. The app won’t be introducing a public comment section, however. Snapchat also offers its users a chance to win $1 Million by submitting snaps on Spotlight.

Snap Map and Spotlight: What’s the difference?

Just like Snapchat allows users to view snaps of other users by tapping on the Snap Map, Spotlight will function in a similar way by paving way for a large audience. However, Spotlight is meant to function in a much more interactive environment for viral videos.

How to Use Snapchat Spotlight?

Users would make snaps in the usual way for up to 60 seconds. You can swipe up and down in the spotlight tab to view the most entertaining snaps around the world.

Favorite Videos

If you like a snap, tap the ❤ button and add it to your favorites. You will also see similar posts based on your likes. The “My Spotlight Favorites” Tab in your profile will retain these snaps for up to 30 days.

Sharing on Spotlight by Snapchat

Sharing on Spotlight is easy:
  1. Just make a snap
  2. Tap the “Send to” button
  3. Then, tap on “Spotlight” at the top of the screen
  4. Finally, tap the arrow button to submit your snap

Saving and Deleting a Snap

Once the snap has been posted on Spotlight, you can save or delete it by following the below steps:
  1. Tap “Settings” in your profile.
  2. Tap “Spotlight & Snap Map” to view the Snaps.
  3. Then, Tap “Download” icon to save Snap to Snapchat Memories.
If you wish to delete the Snap then Tap on the “Delete Snap” icon next to the Download button.

TikTok – The most engaged social media app

The most attractive feature about TikTok is the interface of the application that keeps its users engaged with the application for a long period. The user starts scrolling through the videos and before they know it, it’s impossible to stop. Seeing this trend, other social media applications have started adopting a similar interface. Facebook Video tab is one similar example.

How Snapchat can prove to be worthy TikTok competitor

Snapchat is a renowned social media app for making attractive snaps. The filters and unique way of sharing snaps with text, emojis and bitmojis makes the app attractive. Snap Streaks is another important feature that keeps the users engaged with the app. The app initially became popular because of the way snaps and messages disappeared after viewing and users were notified of screenshots. Other social media platforms like Instagram have also adopted many of Snapchat’s features to make their apps better.

Is Spotlight avaliable in your country?

Spotlight is currently available in 11 coutries: UK, US, Australia, France, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Denmark, NewZealand, Norway and Sweden.

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