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Google’s latest update 2019 – Stadia by Google – The Cloud Gaming Service

Google has launched something out of the box. The Stadia is no box, it is limitless, and it is outstanding. Stadia is no more the thing of the future, it is launching in 2019. In the event held by Google, they revealed some amazing features, here are the complete details.

What is the Stadia?

You can think of the Stadia as an online gaming console. You do not need to buy a box (console like PS4 or Xbox) and insert disks or download games on it to start playing. It is Google’s very own cloud gaming service, the first of its kind! Stadia is as simple as watching a gameplay on YouTube and then simply clicking the Stadia link to start playing the game on your browser. How simple is that? The Stadia is no joke, by the time of launching, Stadia is said to provide gameplay in 4K resolution at 60 fps. It will also feature HDR and surround sound. Google also intends to upgrade to 8K resolution at 120+ fps in the future.

Do you need additional hardware to run games?

It does not require for your device to have any hardware acceleration to play the games you want. At the launch event, the Stadia was accessed on the Pixel Book using the Chrome OS. The Pixel Book was running the game directly from the data center and had no such hardware acceleration to play the game, according to the Stadia expert. The presentation showed that the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was accessed directly from the YouTube link and was running on the Chrome Browser.

Interesting features of the Stadia

One of the most interesting features of the Stadia is that you can stop playing a game on one device and resume it on another from the same instance on another device. At the event, the game was being played on the Pixel Book. It was left and continued on the Google Pixel Smartphone. The game resumed from exactly the same position where it was left off at the Pixel Book.

What devices will support the Stadia?

Google does not want the Stadia to be limited to any device. However, in the start, all devices will not support the Stadia. It will be available to the featured Google devices like the Pixel Book, Google Pixel Smartphones, Pixel Tablets and the Chromebook. The Stadia will be accessed through the Chrome Browser on your device. Not to forget that it is an online streaming service so it is not restricted to any device, so whether you have a PS4 or a Xbox or even a Nintendo Switch, you can access Stadia’s services to play exclusive games. Google promises cross-platform gaming on the Stadia.
Google latest update 2019- Stadia by Google - The Cloud Gaming Service
Google will surely extend its service to high end Android Smartphones with time but there is no mention of the iPhone. This is because Apple’s privacy policy does not allow developers to sell content in apps without passing through the App store.

The Stadia Controller

You can use your mouse, keyboard or any other existing controller to play Stadia exclusive games, but Google has a better option for you as well. The Stadia Controller is a state of the art controller designed specifically for Stadia Games.
Google latest update 2019- Stadia by Google - The Cloud Gaming Service
The most stand out feature of the controller is that it connects to your game through WiFi. WiFi lets it connect directly to the data center from where the game is being streamed. This guarantees the best performance possible. Apart from the traditional buttons and joysticks, the controller has 2 features that are different from other controllers. On the right is the capture button that allows you to share your gaming experience directly to YouTube or with a friend. On the left is the Google Assistant button, pressing the button allows the players to activate the mike at the bottom of the controller. You can then carry out certain commands just by talking with your assistant.



10.7 teraflops of power 56 compute units HBM2 Memory


Custom x86 Processor 2.7 GHz


16 GB RAM 484 GBps transfer speed

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