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“The great Londini” on TikTok is exposing the real identities of the trolls


Who are the Great Londini?

While on one hand cyber bullying has become convenient for anyone who is sitting behind the internet, on the other hand we have this vigilante group who is exposing these people. The group who names itself as the “The Great Londini” is active on the social media platform “TikTok”.  And it exposes the real identities of the trolls.

Their mission to unveil the identities of those who use their sharp and unethical words for other people in front of their families and friends.

The group has its representation through a mask entailed with a joker smile yet with hollow black eyes. With their unique mission, they have attained 2.3 million followers on TikTok and are becoming equally popular on other platforms. They have their own Twitter and YouTube accounts.

For their content you can also visit their official website!

What does the group do?

One of their recent exposer had been a lawyer who had commented on a young police officer to eat his gun. According to the group, it takes 7-8 clicks to unveil the real identity of the troll. The reason the exposed this lawyer was that what kind of a lawyer is he who is not respectful to those enforcing law.

Leo, who talked on the behalf of group to BBC, told that he is one of the face of the group who are volunteers with experience in cybersecurity and military. They don’t want to have individual identities but want to work under a single title.

He told that the group identities a troll within 7-8 clicks. Irrespective of the fact if or if not they are working from an anonymous account name.

Leo had conducted the interview from US, and labelled himself as an anti-troll. He further detailed in the interview that they tend to help TikTok. They tend to  moderate the content by not only reporting these trollers but also providing the necessary information of the troller/ group.

Why does TikTok not support Londini?

The twist of the story is that TikTok does not support Londini. According to Leo, TikTok has already deleted nine accounts which have been associated with The Great Londini username. TikTok has also suspended the 10th account of the vigilante group. As TikTok claims that the group is involved in online harassment and bullying.

TikTok in an official statement said that it has removed less than 1% of the videos which have been uploaded in the first 3 months of 2021. These were 62 million videos which were removed for voilataing the guidelines.

TikTok also revealed that the highest number of videos that have been removed by TikTok hail from US. These account for 8,540,088 in first three months of 2021 out f 62 million videos turned down.

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